The PCI-Express 6.0 specification has been announced – a significant increase in performance is being prepared

Computer hardware is constantly evolving and offers better and better performance. This also applies to the PCI-Express bus – the PCI-SIG organization has just announced the final specification of the PCI-Express 6.0 standard, which will accelerate future generations of computers.

The PCI-Express 6.0 specification appears three years after the PCI-Express 5.0 specification was announced (and it is worth adding that the standard is already available in computers for general users). What can we expect?

PCI-Express 6.0 is coming – it will be even faster

The new version of PCI-Express is primarily a doubled bandwidth – for a single line it is 16 Gb / s, but for the PCI-Express x16 slot it is already 256 Gb / s (maximum bi-directional bandwidth). This means even faster data transfer between computer components.

PCI-Express 6.0

PCI-Express 6.0

However, the new version of the bus required modification. The interface uses a new coding (PAM4 in the Flit standard) with an improved error correction system (FEC – Forward Error Correct and CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check), thanks to which it is to offer low latency. Despite the changes made, PCI-Express connector is backwards compatible with previous standards.

PCI-Express 6.0

PCI-Express 6.0 is the future that will contribute to the evolution of computers

The PCI-Express 6.0 bus will allow the construction of even newer components, which will certainly contribute to the development of computers. Changes are absolutely necessary, because every year we see more and more devices using PCI-Express (and this applies not only to the professional market, but also to the typical consumer segment, for example in the form of SSD drives).

PCI-Express 6.0

The standard is initially intended to be used in high-performance computing systems (HPC), data centers, AI and IoT systems, the automotive industry, and even in the aerospace and military industries. However, it can be suspected that over time we will also see PCI-Express 6.0 in home computers. As currently, the previous version of the interface is available – PCI-Express 5.0.

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Source: PCI-SIG

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