The Performance of J-Lo and Shakira, the Super Bowl will be available on the Apple Music


On Sunday, the 2nd of February, Jennifer Lopez and Video it will be the main attraction of the halftime show (halftime show) of the Super Bowl LIVwhile Demi Lovato he will sing the National Anthem and the american and Yolanda Adams it will make the performance of the song “America the Beautiful”.

Today The NFL he announced that all of these presentations will be available on the Apple’s Music shortly after the end of the game, besides the Apple, the Spotify the YouTube also, to broadcast the performance, according to the Album.

The performances will be held in a studio” look, which will also be for sale at the the iTunes Store the album The “Super Bowl ” LIVING to Live” will go on pre-sale today, and all of the proceeds from the sale of the National Anthem and theAmerica the Beautiful” it will be for charity.

According to the director of the media and the business of the NFL Brian Rolappthe presentation will also be available as an audio track to the live video.

With the abundance of technology in today’s world, it was very important that we share the cutting-edge performances at the Super Bowl with our fans all over the world [o jogo] place.

Rolapp pointed out that this is the first time that a team from the halftime show do something so that the fans can follow the presentation on a variety of platforms, wherever they want.”

The Super Bowl SHE will be held in Miami, Florida on Sunday, with the final match between The Kansas City Chiefs and The San Francisco 49ers.

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