the pilot died, a 17-year-old boy was injured –

from Barbara Gerosa

The accident in Valtellina, in the Orobie Alps, in the late afternoon of Wednesday. Giovanni Murari, a 60-year-old pilot, was giving flight instructions to the boy. died despite resuscitation attempts

The flying lesson, suddenly the crash to the ground and the tragedy. happened in the late afternoon of Wednesday ad Albosaggia, on the outskirts of Sondrio. The helicopter, a Robinson 22, a black two-seater, crashed just before 7pm not far from the houses of via Piavanini. Rescue is immediate, with the doctors who tried to revive the instructor pilot, Giovanni Murari, 60, for a long time, but for him there was nothing to do: died a few minutes after the crash.

Extracted from the metal sheets, wounded but conscious, the student, a 17-year-old boy. Giovanni Murari, originally from the province of Verona and resident in Capriate San Gervasio, was giving him flying lessons. The boy was helicopter transported to the Bergamo hospital in serious condition, but would not be life threatening. In addition to medical personnel, the Police, Carabinieri and Fire Brigade intervened on the spot to secure the area. Enac technicians are also expected to try to understand the causes of the accident.

The twin-engine it could have broken downin the fall has severed the high voltage guard rope and the electricity supply was cut off for safety. I saw the helicopter lose control, it made a kind of spin and then crashed to the ground on the lawnthe testimony of some residents.

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