The play-off final will not be held at the National? Kulesza went on a football delegation

The president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, has still not found a new coach of the Polish national team, despite the fact that the play-offs of the world championship in Qatar are approaching. On March 24, the Poles will face Russia in the first match in Moscow. The possible final of the play-offs will be held in our country.

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But the play-off final in Chorzów? PZPN must wait for information on the National

It is still not known, however, where the Poles will play the possible second match. There are many indications that the National Stadium will be out of the game. Currently, the arena in Warsaw houses a special temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients. A similar situation happened last year. At that time, our staff had to choose other facilities.

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Therefore, Cezary Kulesza has already started to work to find an alternative. The Polish Football Association still believes that the current wave of the pandemic will slow down and the hospital at the National Stadium will be closed, but it prefers to be prepared for equal eventualities. According to reports from the portal, the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów is the first backup choice for the president of the Polish Football Association. It was there that Kulesza went on Thursday as part of the delegation together with the director of the PZPN management office, Piotr Bosser.

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For the president of the Polish Football Association, however, the Silesian Stadium has some drawbacks. It is mainly about the track itself, which separates the pitch from the stands, but also … poor VIP facilities. And according to, this is a very important aspect for the current management board of the union. In addition to Chorzów, there are also stadiums in Gdańsk and Wrocław in the game. The latter, however, seems unrealistic because of the president of the Lower Silesian Football Association, Andrzej Padewski, who supported Marek Koźmiński, a competitor of Kulesza, in the elections for the president of the Polish Football Association. Since then, both gentlemen are to remain in not very good relations.

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