The Pokémon Global Link service has the days counted


If you still enjoy some of the Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS, there is something very important to know. The Pokémon Company confirmed that the Pokémon Global Link service will stop working in a few months, which means that the titles will lose some online features.

In case you do not know, Pokémon Global Link works with several instalments of the saga and was integrated into both Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. The service has been available for more than 9 years, but it no longer works with Pokémon Sword & Shield, so it will stop operating.

Pokémon Global Link will close its doors on February 24, 2020. Once this happens, all online service-related features will no longer operate on Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. This means there will be no more ranking battles or community events.

Despite the above, 3DS games will retain their basic online functions, which involve the exchange of creatures and individual battles. To dismiss the service, The Pokémon Company prepared a gift for the players.

It is nothing more and nothing less than a commemorative event Munna. This gift is offered at no cost to all players who used Pokémon Global Link in Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.
The special creature is based on Fennel’s Pokémon, a character we saw in Pokémon Black & White. The gift is available as of today and can be obtained in 3DS games until the closing of Pokémon Global Link.

To receive it, you must go to your service account, where you will find a notification about it. You will be given a password that you must place in the Mystery Gift option of the 3DS games mentioned. Later, you can pick up your Munna at any Pokémon Center.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, the latest instalments in the franchise, are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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