the “pole” of artificial intelligence is born

The new “pole” of artificial intelligence speaks from Brescia: the Vedrai group, founded in 2020 in Brescia (today in Milan) and specialized in AI solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, has completed the acquisition of 60% of , a company founded among the benches of the Politecnico di Milano and today among the leaders in Italy in the sectors of deep learning and Conversational AI (“conversational” artificial intelligence) in the design of virtual assistants (such as chatbots and voicebots) for sales support, assistance customers, marketing and insights.

The details of the operation thus enters the group led by the young Michele Grazioli, maintaining brands, products and teams: all 5 founders of will also remain in the share capital (Gianluca Maruzzella, Enrico Bertino, Marco Falcone, Andrea Tangredi and Denis Peroni) . The goal, reads a note, is “to become an AI pole, competitive at an Italian and European level, and to democratize artificial intelligence by bringing this technology to SMEs”. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

The acquisition of the majority of follows that of Premoneo, the joint venture from which Fermai was born: to date the Vedrai group has about 120 employees (80 in Vedrai, 20 in Premoneo and 20 in and a double capital increase of 45 million euros, the first (from 5 million) in July 2021 and which involved well-known faces such as Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Bocelli, Piero Angela and Sandro Veronesi (the founder of Calzedonia), the second last April (from 40 million) with the involvement of Azimut, which has also decided to invest directly in the company.

The group You will see

The Vedrai group specializes in artificial intelligence solutions to support entrepreneurs and managers in the decision-making process: even before decisions are made, Vedrai’s “virtual agents” (who have real names, such as James or Becky) calculate their impact on the company, analyzing tens of thousands of variables (internal and external) and identifying possible cause-effect relationships. In the portfolio of You will see companies such as Wurth Italia, Scf and Tecnofil (Alfa Acciai group), recently also the collaboration with Atalanta Calcio. A few weeks ago the first office abroad was opened, in Spain.

The company, founded in 2016, helps companies in the Costumer Experience. It specializes in the design of chatbots and conversational interfaces: they are the “bots” that respond automatically to customers, increasingly requested by companies that can thus offer assistance and advice 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (a market which is estimated to be worth up to € 10 billion over the next few years). In the first 6 months of 2022,’s virtual assistants exchanged more than 4 million messages, in more than 100 languages ​​and with 90% automation in managed interactions. In the last year, more than 500 thousand users have been “served”. Lavazza, Just Eat, Santander Consumer Bank, Itas Assicurazioni are also included in’s customer portfolio.

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