The Polish £ ad will reduce revenues from “1 percent” to the foundation. How much will the needy lose?

The introduction of the Polish Deal was to help Poles recover from the difficult time of the pandemic. Meanwhile, every day the group of people wronged by the new law seems to increase. Other “unlucky beneficiaries” turned out to be public benefit organizations, which will feel reduced income tax revenues in their budgets.

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Gawkowski: This is not the Polish Order, but the Polish Disorder

More than half of Poles spend 1 percent. to help those in need

The Polish Order assumes that Poles whose salaries will not exceed PLN 3,180 gross per month will be exempt from income tax. According to the Ministry of Finance, this is to be 9 million compatriots. This means that they will not have a chance to donate 1 percent. on the needy.

According to a research by Santander Consumer Bank from 2020, as much as 56 percent. Poles spend 1 percent of their taxes on Public Benefit Organizations. According to the data of the Ministry of Finance from the same year, PLN 907 million was allocated to the organization throughout the country. Most people with disabilities (23.7%) and foundations fighting diseases such as cancer (19%).

Polish Order. How will the foundations deal with the smaller revenues?

– Our pupils are terrified by the prospect of less money that will go to them. We are talking about 5-6 million zlotys of reduced income from 1 percent of tax. It may turn out that these drops will be even greater. For each of the charges, these are necessary measures and without which they cannot imagine their daily existence – says Krzysztof Dobies in an interview with RMF24.

As calculated by the director general of the Avalon Foundation, 1 percent. is help for 12,000 people and 52 million zlotys, which can be spent on treatment, rehabilitation or even daily expenses. From the new year, this amount may decrease by up to 10%.

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– The simplest idea that could solve the problem is to raise one percent to one and a half or even two percent of personal income tax. Our problem is that nobody thinks about such compensation, talks about it, or discusses it. The existence of our charges is often based on these amounts – Krzysztof Dobies explains in an interview with RMF24.

Polish Deal in Repair? The government announces amendments

The government claims that all problems with the Polish Government are temporary, they will be fixed, and those who earn up to PLN 12.8 thousand will benefit or not. PLN gross monthly. Many Poles, however, still do not know what their salaries will look like for January. How can you calculate your salary? What do you need to pay attention to? How to protect yourself against the possibility of lower earnings? These are many questions that many compatriots are still looking for answers to.

Do you have questions about the Polish Deal? Send them to the following address: [email protected] We will ask them on your behalf in the Q&A program this Thursday, January 13 at 12:00. Our guest will be Małgorzata Samborska, tax advisor and partner at Grant Thornton

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