The Polish Ariana Grande is working intensively on new products. Does he have a great career ahead of him?

Juli Chan
Author: YouTube screen / Juli Chan

This girl will be loud for a long time to come! I’m talking about Juli Chan, who delights with the timbre of her voice and … resemblance to Ariana Grande. The young singer has been hailed as its Polish version and it turns out that she is working on new products. A new hit is coming?

Juli Chan that is Julia Chmielarska, it Polish Ariana Grande. This is how the girl was hailed on the web and no wonder. Glow in the eye, long hair and delicacy, and in addition a voice that is quickly remembered by many people, proves it one hundred percent. Although she is only seventeen, she can boast of thirteen years of stage experience. From an early age, she actively participated in vocal classes and took part in competitions. Interestingly, Julia made herself known to a larger audience as a representative of our country at the Malta International Singer’s Festival in 2015. Then she participated in the preselection for Eurovision Junior 2016, but her adventure in the musical talent show The Voice Kids brought the greatest fame. Julia took part in the second installment of the program and trained her vocals under Cleo’s wings. Although she did not take the first place, she goes further and fulfills her dreams.

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Juli Chan has a great career ahead of her?

Does Julia Chmielarska, who appears in the music industry under the pseudonym Juli Chan, have a bright future ahead of her? Will she have a great career? Certainly, this girl will be loud for a long time! Reason? Her work begins to accumulate more and more views, and the latest issue I wake up in just four weeks it gained nearly 800,000 views on YouTube alone! In addition, the track was on the refreshed EQUAL POLSKA list on Spotify, among other well-known numbers. Now it turns out that Juli Chan is working on a novelty. Is a new hit coming? The young artist will surely surprise many people! We are looking forward to it, and you?

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