The Polish Order hits people with disabilities. There will be an appeal to the finance minister

In connection with the introduction of the Polish Order, PIT revenues will decrease, so the tax funds received by parents of children with disabilities will also decrease. We wrote about it in Business Insider. The Ministry of Finance reports that thanks to the changes in the Polish Lada, 9 million people will stop paying PIT, including those with the lowest income and about 2/3 of retirees. In addition, 18 million Poles are to pay lower taxes.

As the research shows, it is this group that most often gave its 1 percent. tax. Low earners and retirees constituted the most reliable group of donors of 1%. Why? I suspect that the reasons are, first of all, low income and understanding of people in need, secondly, the fact that they are often unable to provide support in a different way – says Agnieszka Jóźwicka, mother of the six-year-old Olinek, quoted by “Wyborcza”. was born in a serious condition in the 27th week of pregnancy, and the editor-in-chief of

He adds that low earners are unlikely to make a voluntary donation, they will not take part in the auction of an expensive item. By donating 1 percent. tax, they helped and at the same time did not bear any costs. – Now this opportunity will be taken from them – adds Agnieszka Jóźwicka.

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