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November 25, 2021, 11:07 am

The Szczecin-based Exor studio has unveiled the development plan for The Riftbreaker, covering the next several months. Its objectives are very ambitious – players will receive a lot of free content, modding tools and payable story DLC.


  1. improved campaign and extended support for mods (end of 2021),
  2. expansion of the game world with a new region and payable DLC (first half of 2022),
  3. multiplayer (at the earliest in 2022).

Studio Exor has released a new update to The Riftbreaker. The patch focuses on improving the gameplay balance. The team from Szczecin will also reveal a detailed plan for the further development of the game and it is very ambitious. The information available shows that next year should turn out to be very fruitful for fans of this production. Before we move on to discussing the upcoming attractions, it should be noted that the authors want to be flexible and player suggestions can change the plans.

Kocwka 2021 improved campaign and extended mod support

Before the end of this year, the authors want to implement corrections to the campaign. We will be able to configure many of its elements, which in practice will allow us to create our own level of difficulty, tailored to our preferences. We’ll also have some improvements to balance and gameplay.

In addition, we can expect the release of the official modding tools. They will allow you to create new maps and missions, as well as allow you to change virtually every element of the game, including weapons, enemies and development trees.

For now, the possibilities for modifying the game are very limited, but fans have developed some noteworthy designs anyway. Some of the most interesting ones, along with Polish installation instructions, can be found on our FTP. Their authors gave us permission to use mirrors.

  1. The Riftbreaker mods for the game

The first half of 2022, the expansion of the game world and DLC

Polish The Riftbreaker will get the masses

Next year we will visit a new region of an alien planet.

In turn, in the first or second quarter of next year, the game will be enriched with an additional biome, allowing you to explore previously inaccessible regions of an alien planet. The location will offer unique flora and fauna as well as new weather events, weapons, technologies, items and upgrades.

We will be able to play with the novelties for free in the survival mode. Modders will also be able to use these elements in their projects. At the same time, the payable DLC will be released with new story missions set in these areas.

Further plans – multiplayer

The developers are also working on a multiplayer, which will be made available for free in the form of an update. The priority for the authors is to add the cooperative mode, but after developing it, developers may also decide to prepare other gameplay variants.

At the moment, Exor studio cannot give the exact release date of the multtiplayer. However, the developers expect it to make its debut at the end of 2022 at the earliest.

Other potential news

The developers have also made available a list of other novelties, the addition of which is under consideration. Some of them are higher than the developers themselves, and others were taken from players’ suggestions.

I am talking about ideas such as:

  1. endgame expansion in the campaign,
  2. modifying the appearance of the mech,
  3. screen with the player’s profile,
  4. in-game economy management screen,
  5. improved interface for repairing, upgrading and selling multiple items at the same time,
  6. build mode improvements
  7. campaign extension,
  8. new biomes,
  9. new raw materials,
  10. new fauna,
  11. new buildings and technologies,
  12. new weapons, skills and upgrades,
  13. new weather events,
  14. new missions.

Many of these novelties will appear next year, and the players themselves will decide which ones will be implemented first.

Let us recall that e The Riftbreaker It was released on October 14 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Owners of Xbox Series X / S and PS5 can play the title thanks to its backward compatibility. The game is also available on Game Pass for both PC and XONE console.

  1. The Riftbreaker official website of the game

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