The Premier League legend appeals to Manchester United. “Wake up! Such trainers don’t exist anymore”

After Saturday’s defeat to Watford, Manchester United decided to fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher believes the switch has come too late.

In the summer the “Red Devils” team made a few significant transfers, but still looks much worse than in the previous season. He is currently only eighth in the Premier League.

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Manchester United should soon be replaced by a new coach. Over the weekend, it was decided to fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Jamie Carragher thinks it should have happened much sooner.

There is only one word to sum up Manchester United’s behavior in the last months of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s rule – chaotic. Anyone writing a book on how to switch coaches should find the recent events at Old Trafford useful. Just watch them deal with it and do the exact opposite Carragher said.

After Liverpool beat them 5-0 in October, it was evident that Solskjaer’s current position was untenable. It was time to make preparations for the changes, and the break for international matches was perfect for a reset – he assessed.

It’s embarrassing that United didn’t see it, while Tottenham, Norwich and Aston Villa were able to do so. The “Spurs” were smart, hiring the excellent Antonio Conte sooner. We’ll never know if he would have been tempted to work for United if they showed interest – added.

What exactly do they want? Are they so naive as to believe there is another Alex Ferguson out there who will run the club for 25 years? Wake up! The world of football has changed, such coaches no longer exist – finished.

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