The problem with TVP World broadcasting, how to receive which continents, countries, USA, Canada, EU, Australia

TVP World was supposed to start at the beginning of 2022, but due to the crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus, the channel debuted on November 18. Satellite broadcasting is planned for next year. TVP World plans to broadcast via Astra 19.2E in order to reach the inhabitants of Western Europe and the American platform Dish Network.

For now, a test broadcast via the Eutelsat 33E has started. It covers Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, but it is not a popular orbital position.

In Poland, the vast majority of satellite recipients use Hot Bird 13E, from where they broadcast Polish platforms. The Eutelsat 33E broadcast will only reach a small group of satellite reception enthusiasts. This is probably a signal that cable networks will be able to use in the future. For now, potential viewers have to be content with a stream from

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The problem of agency transfers?

However, not everyone interested can watch the new channel. Twitter users, including representatives of the Polish community living in different parts of the world, complain about the lack of reception. They get a message that the station is not available for licensing reasons. It happens that in streaming services, selected parts of the schedule of a given TV station are not available for licensing reasons. This broadcaster may have concluded an agreement allowing for the broadcast of a given production long ago. It does not include playback via the Internet, only on cable networks or on satellite platforms. However, TVP World is dominated by its own productions.

Most likely, these are TVP’s contracts with news agencies such as Reuters, AP or Enex. Videos from global agencies are often used in news programs. These types of agreements are limited to the possibility of broadcasting in specific countries. Broadcasters who opt for the cheaper Reuters package may not be able to use Reuters’ archives if they have not been retransmitted as a coverage of the news topic. It is possible that the more expensive TVP agency packages will only enter into force in 2022. Then the channel will be able to reach other countries.

Stream works without problems only in Europe

The portal has checked the availability of TVP World in the world via the VPN service. A VPN allows you to “cheat” an IP address. An Internet user located in Poland may have an IP indicating his presence, for example, in the United States or another country in the world. These services are useful if someone wants to take advantage of the offer of a foreign streaming platform. Disney + is not yet active on the Polish market. However, via VPN, you can use the website as a person located in the US. A VPN is also useful in China and other countries where the global web is censored. In the “middle country”, for example, we will not use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or popular dating applications. After logging in via VPN, it is possible.

We had no problems with the reception of the TVP World stream in the case of IPs corresponding to the European Union countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Great Britain. The “ Unable to Receive for Licensing Reasons ” message appeared when we tried to run the stream as residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, China, South Korea, and Japan. Also a Polish woman living in Australia confirmed to us that the channel cannot be watched live. Only on-demand items work. In countries where there are problems with receiving the stream, the TVP World website works. The Pole from Chicago with whom we talked could watch TVP World only thanks to a VPN.

TVP explains the matter

We asked the TVP Information Center for the list of countries where TVP Stream can be received and the reasons for licensing problems. However, we have still not received a reply. Jacek Kurski, the president of TVP, also commented on the matter in an interview with

– I am glad that we already have feedback from such distant countries. Thank you for this signal. Because it means that they already want to see us there. This is felix culpa (editor’s note: “happy guilt”), because if they cannot watch us somewhere, it means that they want to watch us first. We will explain it. The portal is the primary address. From it, every agency and everyone else can take our content without restrictions. This is the fundamental change. Satellite broadcast will be, but later – said Kurski.

The information from the portal shows that representatives of the Polish community who want to watch the new TVP channel write back to social media that the lack of TVP World outside Europe is a temporary problem.

What does TVP World offer?

The running channel consists of information and comments. During the day, TVP World will also broadcast documentary films about the current situation on the border, as well as journalistic programs: “Eastern Express”, “Business Arena”, “Future Insight” and “The Culture Tribe”.

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Responsible for the preparation of the aerial materials are: Grzegorz Kuczyński, head of the Editorial Office of Information Services, and Paweł Pietkun, head of the Editorial Office, Reportage and Document. TVP World presenters include: Donald Arleth, Erika Oley-Trojanowska, Krzysztof Mularczyk, Anna Jabłońska, Karolina Pajączkowska, Jonasz Rewiński and David Kennedy.

According to the “Charter of Duty”, the TVP World budget in 2022 will amount to PLN 23 million, and in 2024 as much as PLN 30 million. The president of TVP is counting on additional funds from the state budget, incl. from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They would allow for the promotion of the station on the international arena and a significant improvement in distribution. Russia Today’s annual budget is $ 307 million.

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