The protest in Rotterdam turned into riots. The police fired shots, in the center – state of emergency | World news

The demonstration began around 8pm. Soon after, the police reported that “fires broke out in several locations, fireworks were set, and police fired several warning shots.” In order to control the crowd, the services used, inter alia, from water cannons.

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Rotterdam. Riots due to restrictions. A state of emergency was introduced

The police fired shots, it is not yet clear what ammunition. As a result, two people were injured. The officers argue that the shooting was in self-defense. After midnight, police units from all over the country were directed to Rotterdam, the mayor of Rotterdam decided to introduce a state of emergency in the city center.

As we read in the press release, the situation is now under control.

In total, seven people were injured during the demonstration (apart from the demonstrators, also officers suffered), and several dozen were arrested.

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Record numbers of new coronavirus infections have been recorded in the Netherlands in recent days. The government decided to introduce a partial lockdown throughout the country. The social distancing principle has been restored, and bars and restaurants may only be open until 20:00. Spectators were also banned from participating in sports events. The government also advises against larger meetings. Over 23,000 new coronavirus infections have been recorded in the Netherlands in the last 24 hours. 34 people with COVID-19 have died.

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