The purpose of life is beyond money and power

What is the purpose of human life has always been written, discussed and debated about. While many have agreed in expressing that it is a human need that compels us to move upward, we can affirm that the true purpose of our life is to pursue happiness.

From children to the elderly, we are driven by that rare emotion that protects us from suffering.

I want to go back to ancient times and locate them spatially on the island of Okinawa in Japan, where we will focus our attention on the term ikigai, which focuses its essence on the purpose of life.

Researcher Hasegawa, an expert on the subject, noted that the term “ikigai” originated around the Heian period (794¬–1185), with its purpose being to give value to life. An approach to the concept of happiness.

Likewise, he affirms that the sum of all those little joys in the day-to-day is what gives meaning to a full life. In this sequence of thoughts, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, having clarity about the purpose of life is what has allowed them to live the longest on the planet.

In other words, everyone in that place attaches great importance to life and the things they do. Everything they do, think and say for them must be worth it.

Let’s now turn our attention to our time, especially young people, and ask ourselves: do they know what is their passion, what motivates them to wake up each morning, what makes them smile and happy? The answer may be disappointing, but according to experts on the subject, everyone without exception has an ikigai.

The difference is what we do to find it, in a world focused on immediacy and spontaneity, it’s a deep and long search, there’s no magic potion, it’s not an immediate effect, it has to be a process at this point. To turn into a habit.

Having a clear aim is the priority and discipline and persistence will give us the satisfaction of having a true aim in life.

Today, social networks bombard us with false ideas and beliefs about the purpose of life, it is important to clarify that it cannot be copied, let alone imposed, it must be authentic and based on our own beliefs and limitations. should be based on

The purpose is not the same for all human beings, each must find it based on their own circumstances and realities, it is each one’s job to work to find it.

The challenge is to find it in a turbulent world full of false beliefs under the dilemma of money and power. What a challenge!

In my view purpose should be formed from family, school and society, tripartite actions should be formed in true sense, also don’t forget that interests, abilities and achievements are also determined by education and environment, so I invite you on that Together we work to conquer the future by imparting a slow and hopeful reflection from the wisdom of the present to the new generations who need it so much.


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