The rearview mirror lever: how it works

Sometimes we do not give the right importance and attention that some elements inside our car deserve, such as a lever that surely all of you have noticed, but that you may not know well how it works and what it is for. We are talking about the lever located on the rearview mirror of the car.

One of the accessories of fundamental importance for those traveling by car, which allows you to carry out some maneuvers safely and to always keep the situation under control, being able to watch what happens behind your vehicle at any time. The use of the mirror is taught since driving school, because it is of fundamental importance. Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that thethe small lever that accompanies it could really make a difference on some occasions, we discover together what it is for.

Rearview mirror: what is it for

The first thing to do when you sit in the car, ready to drive, is to adjust the rear view mirror, adapting the position according to your height and view, especially if the car has been used by other people with different needs before.

The function of the mirror is precisely that of provide greater driving safety, for this it is absolutely essential that it is perfectly adjusted. It guarantees rear visibility, so you always have control over the situation. And so far nothing new, all notions that we already know. But what is that lever really for? It is obvious that it was not created by chance and therefore it also has its function and can be useful to the driver, although it is often underestimated.

How to use the rearview mirror lever in the car

Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, the glass in the rear-view mirror is actually not perfectly flat, on the contrary, it is created in such a way as to be thicker on one side. A difference in height aimed at ensuring a different reflection of light. And this is where the famous lever comes into play, which serves to regulate the reflection. How?

It is specifically an element created specifically for switch from night view to day view, with a simple gesture. And, if you think about it, it is an absolutely indispensable function: it allows the driver to avoid being dazzled by other vehicles that arrive, during the evening and night hours. Not bad then. A truly essential feature, which, however, most motorists do not know.

With the lever of the central rearview mirror it is therefore possible adjust the mode according to your needs and the various times of the day. A very small, almost insignificant element, which instead can really improve the driving experience of many, avoiding being blinded by the headlights of other cars. We do not underestimate the effect of bright lights that can disturb the driver’s vision and cause loss of control of the vehicle and accidents.

How do you use the lever? It’s possible adjust it and push it up or downto change the light reflection mode and see better both during the day and in the darkest evening.

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