The receipt is 2 years old. On January 7, 2022, they ate the same and showed a new one – o2

The inflation level in Poland breaks records month by month. Jakub and Dawid, a couple known on social media, decided to check if the price increase is really that significant.

James and David used the simplest possible comparison. The couple went with the receipt from two years ago to exactly the same restaurant and ordered exactly the same dishes. On January 6, 2020, the influencers paid PLN 69 for broth, tomato soup and two pork chops with additions. Exactly on the second anniversary of the exit, the cost increased significantly.


After receiving the bill, the influencers could not believe their eyes. It turned out that on January 6, 2022, they have to pay as much as PLN 97 for the same dish!

The amount of the bill during this time increased by as much as 40 percent. Influencers showed pictures of both receipts. Both the tomato soup and broth went up by 5 zlotys, and the set with pork chop by 9 zlotys.


The entry of Jakub and Dawid caused considerable indignation among Internet users. Many of them emphasized that they also felt a significant increase in prices at every step. Influencers ironically asked who had increased their salary by 40 percent. The commentators pointed out that their earnings increased only symbolically during this time. Others, resigned, said they were earning less now.

For these two years, my salary decreased in total, because the “Polish Deal” has entered. I hear from the employer that they will try to compensate it somehow, but for now the situation is what it is. This is a nightmare … – wrote one of the Internet users.


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