The recipe for love movies, plot, actors, cast, finale, where it is filmed, location

A young cook in an existential crisis will rediscover the esteem for herself and love thanks to a book.

Tv8 proposes today the film entitled The recipe for love. It is a sentimental film with a romantic atmosphere.

The production is from Canadathe year of realization is 2021 and the duration is one hour and 25 minutes.

The recipe for love film actors

The recipe for love film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Virginia Abramovich. Main protagonists are Courtney Preston And Jake Turner interpreted respectively by Megan Hutchings And Damon Runyan. Also in the cast Michael Boisvert in the role of Nick.

Filming took place in Canadain particular a Vancouver in the territory of British Columbia.

The production is of the CME Spring Productions in partnership with Reel One International And Champlain Media.

The film is internationally known under the title Love’s Sweet Recipe.

The recipe for love film where it is shot

The recipe for love – plot of the film broadcast on Tv8

The plot has as its protagonist Courtney Preston, a talented chef. Her life was turned upside down by the sudden death of her father, a cooking master at a famous family restaurant. Now the company is in serious economic difficulties. Her love life is also in ruins. Furthermore, her passion for cooking has been completely forgotten.

It remained for Courtney Preston his childhood and college best friend, also a named chef Jake Turner. The latter, as if the other disappointments weren’t enough Courtney he left the city to find work in the big metropolis. But Courtney he manages to regain his good will. She also finds a family heirloom left to her by her father. It is about “The book of the rules of love“.

The father hoped that the text could help her in life. At this point an extraordinary opportunity presents itself for Courtney. Indeed Jake he returns home to help her revive the fortunes of the family restaurant that is falling apart.

Final spoiler

With “The book of the rules of love”Her heart begins to orient itself in the forest of feelings that agitates her. And she is able to understand many things that had previously escaped her.

The passion for cooking returns and she also manages to find love in a place where she never expected to arrive.

The ultimate movie love recipe

The recipe for love – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film The recipe for love and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Megan Hutchings: Courtney Preston
  • Damon Runyan: Jake Turner
  • Michael Boisvert: Nick
  • Kaleb Alexander: William Porter
  • Lara Amersey: Jess
  • Michael Brown: Greg
  • Michael Copeman: Ted Wilcox
  • Rosemary Dunsmore: Rosie

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