The Red Bull boss is strongly about injustice. “It’s frustrating”

Saudi Arabia’s Sunday Grand Prix ended with Lewis Hamilton’s victory. Once again, however, considerable controversy arose. Verstappen finished second, but was also punished twice for misconduct, which his team strongly disagreed with. One of the Red Bull advisers, Helmut Marko, was accused of supporting Hamilton. “Different rules apply to different people,” said the Austrian on Servus TV.

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Why did Iga Świątek change the coach? “A thoughtful but risky decision”

For Hamilton, the Jeddah triumph was the third victory in a row. As a result, the two best drivers of the season tied for points, which means that the issue of the championship will be settled in the last Grand Prix, which will take place this weekend in Abu Dhabi. For many years it has not been such a situation that the driver who is ranked higher will take it all.

Hamilton's boss warns of the final GP of the season. Hamilton’s boss warns of the final GP of the season. “It could end up ugly”

Horner is sure of his. “I have no doubts who will be better”

Just before the final race of the season, Chrisitian Horner gave an extensive interview to the British daily The Times. The head of Red Bull raised many important issues and referred to the recent controversy aroused by his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton. – It’s frustrating. Unnecessary confusion ensued. Some incidents are punished, others go unpunished. Max tends to drive harder, especially if you look at last weekend. But he is certainly not crazy – assured the British. “Of course, there were a few incidents in the race on Sunday, but there is a game in between,” he added.

– You have two guys of different ages fighting for the most important trophy in motorsport. Lewis is 36 years old and is fighting for his eighth world title. Max tries to get his first. I think Lewis has a lot of experience, which he uses. He is a cunning competitor, admitted Horner. “You can’t deny anything Lewis has accomplished.” He is one of the absolute best and most successful drivers in history. But if you put Max and Lewis in the same car, I have no doubt who will be better, he stressed.

Verstappen's father announces a great title fight. Verstappen’s father announces a great title fight. “Will do anything to win”

The Abu Dhabi Gran Prix will take place on Sunday, December 12 at 2:00 PM.

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