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Paola Egonu, 8.5: is the comet of the national team. From a devastating series in his service, Italy manages to fill a gap of 6 points during the first set. He scores 36 points, with 4 aces. Can do more on the wall. The feeling is that the presence of this champion tends to de-responsibility the other forwards. Mazzanti will have to avoid at all costs that “Egonu-dependence” becomes more and more accentuated.

Caterina Bosetti, 7.5: a precious player. He gives solidity in reception, he is always vigilant in defense, even in batting he puts the Asians in difficulty several times, especially with a formidable series during the third set that allows the blue to recover after being down by even 8 points. In attack, she travels on alternating current, however she has the merit of grounding some balls that are decisive for the economy of the match. She closes with 14 points overall.

Cristina Chirichella, 7: his today fast it’s not that effective. However, the power plant remains an essential pillar, which asserts its charisma in moments that burn. It can certainly do more, even on the wall and on the beat.

Anna Danesi, 7: the solid guarantee on the wall (3 the ‘printed’ against the Chinese), does not shine in attack with 40% efficiency. She went up in shots during the match, giving her best in the decisive final of the fourth set.

Miryam Sylla, 6: it is still not at its best, however it is usually fueled during a competition. In attack he has wet powders, however he does not look bad in reception, which is the fundamental where historically he struggles most. She is replaced during the third set by Pietrini and no longer returns.

Elena Pietrini, 6: does not do much better than Sylla. Today in place 4 Italy struggled.

Monica De Gennato, 7.5: in the first two sets it is everywhere, it stands out with a series of hallucinating defenses. Then it drops to the distance. There is always a lot of talk about Paola Egonu and too little about this wonderful champion who has been the best freeman in the world for years.

Alessia Orro, 7: he has just returned from a great season in Monza and also in the national team proves to have made enormous steps forward in managing the dribble. It is clear that she has something less on the wall and in the bar than Ofelia Malinov, which is why Mazzanti often alternates them.

Ophelia Malinov, 7: she is ready both in the third and in the fourth part. Italy can count on two excellent level setters, who are constantly on the rise from a technical and experience point of view.

Photo: FIVB

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