the return of Vision, between West Coast and Young Avengers

The Disney+ series dedicated to White Vision, entitled Vision Questwas officially announced by Marvel Studios in late October and does not yet have an official release date. Still very little is known about the serial, but one thing is certain only from the title: it will be a decidedly atypical product for Marvel production standards. This is for one main reason: the bulk ofVision Quest comic arc, which appeared in the eighties on the pages of West Coast Avengers, has already been adapted to the big and small screen between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Infinity War and, above all, in the last installments of WandaVision. The same White Vision’s origins in the MCU are profoundly different compared to those of the comic counterpart: in short, Vision Quest could borrow from the comic series of the same name only the name and little else. So let’s try to understand how the plot of this atypical serial for Disney + could be structured.

Are the West Coast Avengers coming?

What, for now, we know for sure about Vision Quest is that Paul Bettany will return as Vision (or White Vision, if you prefer). For the rest, however, there are only speculations. So let’s try starting with the comics: Vision Quest is a story related to the West Coast Avengers and dates back to numbers 42 to 45 of West Coast Avengers, published in the United States in the eighties.

In the series, Vision, considered a threat by the American government, is kidnapped, dismantled and rebuilt in a completely white version (White Vision, in fact) and devoid of the sentimental bond and memories that linked him to Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch. There However, the genesis of White Vision has already been told in WandaVision, moreover with forms and, above all, results that are not too different from the comic run. In short, Vision Quest will put on the screen a story that is profoundly different from its comic book counterpart: in the conclusion of the events of WandaVision, the “new” Vision obtained the memories of the one that preceded it but still decided to don’t stick with Wanda Maximoff and to escape from Westview. We are therefore not dealing with a completely new android, but with a being in search of his true identity, and it is precisely in this that the difference with respect to the comics of the eighties lies. Having reached this point, given that the comics cannot provide us with further clues, we must reflect on the title of the series: what will be, this time, the “Quest” of Vision?

If it is true that the name of the Disney + production will be retrieved from the comic run of forty years ago, this does not mean that the points of contact with the latter must necessarily be narrative: on the contrary, the links could be mostly thematic. For this reason, many have speculated that Vision Quest will give birth to a new team of Avengers. The enthusiasts and fans of the MCU on Reddit are convinced that this formation will be the West Coast Avengers, overturning the conclusion and the beginning of the comic run from which Marvel Studios took inspiration for the serial. On the other hand, the stars now seem to be aligned for the West Coast team: with the original Avengers more divided than ever, the WCA could easily take their place.

Next to White Vision, therefore, gods West Coast Avengers are part Hawkeye and his wife: the former apparently “retired” at the end of the monographic series on Disney+ that was dedicated to him, but right in the Hawkeye finale we discovered that Laura Barton is a SHIELD agent: this made one think that the Hawkeye’s cinematic story arc is not yet concluded, and on the other hand that the MCU is ready to introduce Mimothe superheroine who had a relationship with Clint Barton is that she was with him among the founders of the West Coast Avengers.

Among the other founders of the WCA, then, we find Wonder Man, War Machine and Tigra. Leaving aside the character of Tigra, who could easily be replaced by any other heroine with an ounce of charisma in the MCU, both Rhodey and Wonder Man are about to receive solo production and are both closely related to the Vision.

We already know, for example, that Armor Wars will focus on Iron Man’s heavy legacy, and we’ll see War Machine dealing with Stark technology stolen or misappropriated from the late Tony’s industries after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Needless to say, but White Vision is Stark technology: James Rhodes’ lack of involvement in the series dedicated to the “new” Vision would therefore be extremely forced, which could therefore recruit him as the Iron Man of the West Coast. In a completely analogous way, too Wonder Man is directly related to Vision, at least in the comics: it is in fact Wonder Man’s brain that is used as the basis for Vision by Iron Man in the House of Ideas books. While it’s unlikely this same storyline will be picked up in the MCU, there’s no doubt that some connection between Wonder Man and the Vision it will also be present in the Marvel film and television Multiverse, and perhaps it will pass through the common participation of the two heroes in the West Coast Avengers. Obviously, Marvel’s timing is also decidedly suspicious: both Wonder Man and Armor Wars will come out before Vision Quest, which is one of the few official Marvel products still without a release date. Impossible not to see a connection between the three series at this point.

The Children’s Crusade

The idea of ​​the West Coast Avengers forming might make sense, that’s for sure, but it’s kind of weird that Marvel would decide to introduce them one step away from Avengers: Secret Wars, when the team should join the other superheroes of the Marvel universe to unite the front against the threat of Kang. If White Vision’s “Quest” were the creation of a new supergroup, therefore, the latter should be able to join the “real” Avengers without replacing them and perhaps laying the foundations for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ve already figured out where we’re going with this: Vision Quest could end with the founding of the Young Avengers.

The team, on the other hand, has not yet received a film, a Disney+ special or a dedicated series, despite all its “pieces” are practically in place: the Disney+ series on Ms. Marvel introduced Kamala Khan in the MCU, nominating her as “leader” of the Young Avengers, like the Kate Bishop by Hailee Steinfeld, while it seems that the team there will also be Cassie Lang and Ironheart. Not only that: Doctor Strange 2 launched America Chavez, while Falcon and The Winter Soldier presented Patriot, or Eli Bradley, nephew of Isaiah Bradley, the “black Captain America” ​​forgotten by American public opinion. Only two are the names that are missing from the appeal, namely those of the gods two children of Vision and Wanda, Wiccan and Speedwho disappeared at the end of the events of WandaVision along with the Darkhold (destroyed at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness).

Therefore, a rather widespread theory by now is precisely that for which Vision Quest is all about finding Speed ​​and Wiccansat the end of which the two would join the team of the Young Avengers, just in time to finally collide with Kang and, finally, to take the place of the Avengers after the events of Secret Wars.

The introduction of such a team at the end of Phase 6 would make sense for one main reason: rumors have been circulating for years about a Marvel product based on The Children’s Crusadea storyline that sees the participation of Avengers and Young Avengers, but also of Doctor Doom and Magneto, both villains that should be introduced in the MCU between Phases 6 and 7. Marvel already seems to have moved towards the creation of a maxi- similar event with the ending reserved for Wanda in Doctor Strange 2: the anti-heroine is in fact apparently dead, buried under Mount Wundagore. It is therefore unlikely that Scarlet Witch will return to the MCU so soon: the character could therefore be kept aside until almost the end of Phase 6, when she could reappear as a pawn of Doctor Doom. In this sense, Vision Quest could be the second piece preparatory work for The Children’s Crusade, setting up the Young Avengers team ahead of what could be the first major Phase 7 crossover.

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