the reunion could come soon

Through his Instagram account, Vanessa Hudgens star of the film High School Musical appeared in front of the school “protagonist” of the scene making a little wink at the camera.

It is not unusual today that the stars of the entertainment world also make their way into the world of social networks and Vanessa Hudgens has an account followed by 46+ million viewers and here it is enough to publish a small image or video to unleash the most ideas. unbridled fans.

To accompany the video there is also a caption written directly by the American actress, singer and dancer: below the translation of what she wanted to share on the social network.

High School MusicalDo you remember when you met a kid in kindergarten and you didn't know anything about him, then after 10 seconds, you played with him like you were his best friend because you didn't have to be anything but yourself?

We do not know if the movie (and web) star decided to provoke his followers or if this quick passage in front of the school is a sign that he was there to prepare a possible reunion of the cast, given that these days the reunions are going. in fashion, just think of that of Harry Potter which has had considerable success globally.

In High School Musical the student Gabriella Mointez participates in a karaoke competition together with the captain of the school’s basketball team: from here a series of vicissitudes start which, punctually, are resolved with songs that involve companions, coaches and students from all over the world. shot. The film was so successful in 2006 that Disney Channel also promoted two sequels, with constant numbering that managed to promote songs and singers / actors that today dominate the international pop scene such as Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus and many others. We await confirmation of what we have learned from other exploits of the actress or from Disney.

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