The revolt of the praetorians / Su Rete 4 the film with Giuliano Gemma

The revolt of the praetorians, a Rete 4 film directed by Alfonso Brescia

The revolt of the praetorians will be broadcast today, Friday 12 August, starting give her 4.45 pm on Network 4. It is a 1964 film entitled peplum genre and then played in historical costumes, halfway between reality and invention, shot in Italy, the United States of America, France and Germany. Directed by Alfonso Brescia, with the screenplay by Gian Paolo Callegari, while the music for the film is curated by Carlo Franci. In the cast, we find Richard Harrison, Piero Lulli, Giuliano Gemma, Paola Piretti and Moira Orfei, well-known names in the entertainment world of yesterday and today, who starred together only in this film.

Alfonso Brescia, who passed away in 2001, was a versatile director who experimented with different genres: among the titles of the same author, we remember The Magnificent Gladiator, The War of the Robots and Club Vacanza, his latest work in 1995. Richard Harrison (born in 1936), American actor and director, made his debut in the Fifties with Kronos, the conqueror of Kurt Neumann’s universe; Giuliano Gemma (1938-2013) won a David di Donatello and several other national awards and has starred in films such as Venezia, la luna e tu by Dino Risi and Speriamo che è female by Mario Monicelli, while Piero Lulli has been known for years. Forty for films like The Hero of the Road or The Shortest Day. Paola Piretti (1947) was the protagonist of advertising and photo novels of the Seventies, while Moira Orfei (1931 2015), symbol of the Italian circus all over the world, also took part in several national films such as Totò and Cleopatra, Vacanze di Natale ‘ 90 and Christmas in India.

The revolt of the praetorians, the plot of the film

The revolt of the praetorians catapult us in ancient Rome, in 96 AD at the time of the emperor Domitian (played by Piero Lulli) who, for fear of a slave revolt, is becoming more and more a tyrant, exalted by his small circle of friends, but hated by the people for his cruelty. By now few have remained loyal to the emperor and among these are the perfidious companion Artamne (Moira Orfei) and the Praetorian Guard, under the leadership of the centurion Valerio Rufo (Richard Harrison), who punishes anyone who dares to declare himself against the ideas of Diocletian or try to thwart his plans.

The centurion’s fidelity, however, is not sincere, in fact Valerio Rufo actually works in disguise, to oppose the tyranny established by the emperor. Hidden behind a fur cloak, he becomes known under the pseudonym of “Red Wolf” and surrounds himself with a group of rebels, including his sweetheart Lucilla (Paola Pitti) and Senator Nerva (Giuliano Gemma) to try to restore justice. in ancient Rome. When Lucilla ends up in serious danger due to the whims of the emperor, “Red Wolf” will run to her aid, risking her life in turn. The intervention of a trusted friend and the other rebel Praetorians, however, will change the fate of the game, bringing the new generation led by Nerva to power.


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