The rich friends of Chrissy Teigen are a few freeloaders


It seems that the model-turned-guru kitchen-Chrissy Teigen wants to take advantage of the turmoil caused by the harsh criticism that he dedicated a few days ago a well-known chef and author of recipe books, Alison Roman, by the rapidity with which he has expanded his empire with Cravings, to give some visibility to your business.

As custom dictates, the old model has sent several packets with a copy of your cookbook and other items brought to the sale under their brand to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Ali Wong, or Shay Mitchell, with the hope that they will show your content in the social media and do advertising.

What was not expected was that his famous friends began to inundarla to messages asking you to send them one of those boxes, obviously, are a gift.

“Please, I don’t ask for another for you. My love for you is infinite, but you can not say the same of my budget for marketing. Also, I’ve seen the names of some that I have written and you are literally rich,” he said with disbelief on a video that you have shared in their Stories.

Chrissy has wanted to leave clear that this reproach is not addressed to his followers of Instagram, including plans to overcome later on several of these promotional kits so coveted.

“I say this only for my friends, that I are saying, ‘Hey, my box has not come yet’. That is because you are not the I have commanded you,” added she in the recording, in which you can listen to her famous husband John Legend laughing in the background.

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