“The risk of a conflict is real”, but “NATO will not intervene in defense of Ukraine”

The strengthening of Russia’s military position around Ukraine continues, and it is accompanied by Moscow’s narrative that threatens (with consequences) if its conditions are not met. Well, they are unacceptable and the risk of a new conflict is real – emphasized the head of NATO.

Stoltenberg said the Alliance was ready for talks with Russia on conventional and nuclear arms control, but it must be a two-way street.

Bilateral arms control “is something other than imposing unilateral restrictions (by Russia), we must not find ourselves in a situation where we have” second-class “NATO members and NATO as an alliance is not allowed to defend them.”

NATO, Stoltenberg added, should be prepared for “diplomacy fiasco” in contacts with Russia.

“NATO will not intervene in defense of Ukraine”

– The US consults Europe during talks with Russia. No debate on Europe’s security can take place without Europeans at the negotiating table Stoltenberg assured him.

If Russia decides to use military force against one of its neighbors, it will face severe political and economic sanctions. – he announced. However, he made a reservation that NATO will not intervene in defense of Ukraine because it is not a member of the Alliance.

NATO is, however, preparing to strengthen its military presence on its eastern flank. – We have great military potential – Stoltenberg emphasized and recalled that the Alliance’s rapid reaction force has 40,000. soldiers.

“We will not compromise on principles and values”

US mission to NATO informed that the ministers attending the meeting in the format of a videoconference reaffirmed the unity of the Alliance against the threat of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“NATO is ready to talk to Russia about security, but will not compromise on its principles and values” – the head of Latvian diplomacy, Edgars Rinkevics, informed on Twitter.

As the Associated Press commented, Friday’s talks between the foreign ministers of NATO countries were accompanied by skepticism as to the credibility of the Kremlin’s declaration of the will to de-escalate tensions in relations with the West, which the upcoming talks are to serve.

Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council

On January 12, the NATO-Russia Council will meet.

Bilateral talks as part of the US-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue will begin on Monday in Geneva. The US delegation in Geneva will be chaired by the Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, as in previous talks with Russia on the subject.

In December, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published proposals concerning the so-called the security guarantees that Moscow demands from the West. It is a draft “treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States on security guarantees” and a draft Russia-NATO agreement.

The draft treaty with the USA contains 8 points. Article 4, estimated to be crucial for Moscow, states: “The United States of America undertakes to exclude any further expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to the East and to refuse to admit to the Alliance countries formerly belonging to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

Shortly thereafter, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Aleksandr Gruszko These proposals are an attempt to turn a potential military scenario into a political process, he said.

The US State Department announced that the US would not agree to Russia’s demand for NATO forces to withdraw from the Alliance’s eastern flank. The PA writes that for NATO Russia’s proposals are unacceptable.

An agreement to limit the admission of new members of the Alliance would be contrary to Article 10 of NATO’s founding treaty. It states that the organization can admit to its group any European state that applies for it and can contribute to increasing the security of the North Atlantic region and is able to meet the conditions set for member states – explains PA.

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