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The car is a very important vehicle that we all use. But we must pay attention to these two components that the machine can signal to us. Let’s find out what it is.

The car requires a lot of attention. Not only when driving, but also from the point of view of maintenance and checks on its components. One of the most important things not to be overlooked, without a shadow of a doubt, concerns the steering. If it hardens, in fact, even driving a car can be big trouble; how to understand it before getting behind the wheel, perhaps on fast and busy roads? With the help of the EPS light on.

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The steering: everything you need to know

We know it very well, of course, but talking about it is never wrong. The steering system or more commonly defined steering is the set of mechanical elements that guarantee the directionality of a vehicle, whatever it is. More specifically, we refer to those with four wheels.

Our cars, with which through the steering wheel we apply a torque that is immediately transferred through the steering column to a box in which the moment of the force is converted into straight motion and transferred to the steering rods. The latter act directly on the wheels which, when changing direction, become steering. Physically very interesting, given that this technology – which is constantly renewed – has allowed us to drive cars on cars every day. But if the steering fails, what happens?

Hard steering and EPS light on – what it means and causes

The EPS light comes on when the steering hardens. It can happen quite a few times, and when it happens – whether it is due to minor or very serious damage – we must be careful because we could cause a road accident. However, this warning light is nothing more than an electronic power steering system.

The first car to be fitted was a Fiat Punto in 1999. Twenty years have now passed and the warning light is present in practically every car. But why can the steering be hardened? The first problem, and probably the least serious, concerns the failure of the control unit. It may be due to a false contact.

Car steering (Web source) 11 August 2022
Car steering (Web source)

It can be solved by resetting various settings. The failure can also be permanent, but in any case it does not require who knows what economic outlay. Steering can be tough as well due to breakage of the steering or the electronic power steering. In this case, the component must be changed directly.

Even a low battery can cause the light to turn on. Not least a low tire pressure; in this case, go to the tire dealer to measure the tire pressure. We then come to the oil. If the oil is below the warning level, the steering may have failed – this only occurs in vehicles with hydraulic steering.

last but not least, the service belt; it is among the most important components inside a car because it takes care of the correct functioning of the water pump, the compressor and the power steering. If it hardens, this time too we have to rely on a mechanic.

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