the Rt index dates back from 0.75 to 0.84, five regions at moderate risk

Vaccine, 4.6 million Italians without any dose

There are 4,641,064 Italians over the age of 5 still without any dose of anti-Covid vaccine: over 50s are 1,230,064. The most consistent range is the pediatric one (5-11 years): 1.5 million are not vaccinated. The data indicate a sharp slowdown in the vaccination campaign: 479,134 injections were made in the last week. In recent months, for a long period, the administrations have proceeded at a rate of 500 thousand per day. On Thursday there were 70 thousand. Overall, there are 49.5 million immunized people (83.6% of the population). 38 million took the third dose (64.2% of the population).

In last week’s monitoring, all Regions and Autonomous Provinces were at low risk. Nine Regions and Autonomous Provinces report at least a single resilience alert (up from 8 seven days ago).

Employment of Covid patients in intensive and wards still falls The occupancy of beds for Covid patients continues to decline both in intensive care units and in ordinary wards. The employment rate in intensive care is 5.5% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 10 March) against 6.6% last week (survey on 3 March). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide is instead 12.9% compared to 14.7% the previous week.

No region exceeds the 10% alert threshold for the employment of Covid patients in intensive care this week. Last week only Sardinia exceeded the threshold (it was 12.7%). On the other hand, the number of Regions that exceed the alert threshold of 15% for the occupation of ordinary departments is stable compared to 7 days ago. These are 10 Regions: Abruzzo (18.4%); Basilicata (24.4%); Calabria (28.7%); Lazio (16.2%); Liguria (15.1%); Marche (16.6%); Puglia (18.6%); Sardinia (19.5%); Sicily (23.1%); Umbria (21.5%).

Brusaferro: “There was a reversal of the curve” – “During this week there has been a reversal in the trend of the curve, which in recent weeks was decreasing while now it is starting to rise again”. This was indicated by the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, according to whom “even at the European level some countries report a regrowth in the curve of new cases, in line with the Italian data”. The circulation of the virus “remains however more intense in the younger age groups, and in all the Regions there is an increase in the number of new cases”.

Rezza: “We must remain cautious” – According to the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza, the increase in the incidence rate, which returned to 510 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and in the RT, to 0.83, show that “viral circulation remains quite high, and it is good to face this phase while maintaining prudent behavior “.

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