The second dance by Joanna Opozda and Antek Krlikowski. Romantic and intimate. A wonderful piece

Joanna Opozda and Antek Królikowski said “yes” to each other on Saturday. The ceremony took place in the church of St. Wojciech in Wola, and then the wedding guests had fun in the palace in Zdunów.

Wedding of Joanna Opozda and Antek Królikowski. “The Lion King” and “La La Land”

There is more and more information about the ceremony, which is and will certainly be one of the most important events of Polish show business this year. Opozda and Królikowski came to the church by an unusual, but very expensive car. The actress chose two creations on this important day. After the ceremony, she showed up to the guests in another dressthan the one she was wearing when she was swearing.

We already know that the bride and groom chose the song “Love grows around us” from the popular one for the first dance movie of animated “Król Lew” (in the original song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was performed by Elton John). All thanks to Harry Jefferson, star makeup artist and friend of the actress, who was one of the invited guests. It was he who recorded the first dance of the newlyweds.

And then? Then it got much more intimate, romantic and romantic on the dance floor. The lights dimmed, the sounds of the hit “City of Stars”, performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the musical “La La Land”, came from the loudspeakers.

The dance of Opozda and Królikowski. “Dancing with the Stars” pays off!

Królikowski probably led his wife, and Joanna also did very well. No wonder, after all, both spouses performed in “Dancing with the Stars”. The report from the romantic wedding moment was posted on his InstaStories by the groom:

Watch the video
Antek Królikowski and Joanna Opozda in a romantic dance at their wedding

How do you rate their performance? For us, artistic impressions and technique deserve 10!

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