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Honey and garlic together? It’s madness. But no: a recent study has shown that this unusual pairing is very good for health. Let’s find out why.

honey garlic
Honey and garlic cloves (Canva)


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A recent study by the University of Copenhagen confirmed the great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions ofgarlic.

Eating a clove of this raw ingredient, however, is not a wise choice for our taste buds. However, by combining it with a quantity of honey, the result will be much more affordable.

But how is this unusual mix prepared? What are the benefits for the body? Let’s answer these questions by following the opinions of industry experts.


Eat a clove of raw garlic with a little honey – your health thanks

Let’s start with the benefits: first of all we can guarantee that this combination improves the blood circulation preventing the appearance of problems such as varicose veins and thrombosis.

It also keeps blood pressure levels low and promotes lowering of bad cholesterol.

bad cholesterol
Presence of bad cholesterol in the blood (Canva)

Both ingredients then raise the defenses of the immune system preventing or speeding up recovery from seasonal ailments such as colds, fever, flu or sore throat.

All the more reason, all the bacteria and viruses that could infest our body. A miraculous match, isn’t it?

How to prepare the honey and garlic mix

The ingredients you will need to make this sort of recipe are the following:

  • 1 glass jar
  • 350 g of honey
  • 10 cloves ofgarlic

To start, slice or mince the garlic cloves. Then add them to the glass jar pouring the honey.

Close the jar tightly and store everything in a cool place (garages, cellars or closets are the best places) for a week.

At the end of this period of time, the elixir for excellent health will be ready: you will only have to swallow a spoonful of it on an empty stomach or diluted in a glass of water.

honey garlic health body
Honey and garlic in glass jar (Canva)

Before hiring it, it would be great to ask your own advice doctor. This syrup must be kept at room temperature, so that it does not crystallize.

The effects of this syrup vary from person to person, depending on many other eating habits we follow every day.

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