The series pales in comparison to a real monarch

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are doing great in the United States after leaving Great Britain. A married couple is constantly increasing their fortune and is involved in new projects. Leaving the ranks of the royal family, they did not part with the royals in agreement. Their interview with Oprah Winfrey received widespread media coverage around the world and was even nominated for an Emmy. The statuette eventually went to another production, but because “The Crown” was triumphant, a memorable interview with Meghan and Harry was recalled.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry mocked at the Emmy Awards

The series “The Crown” during this year’s Emmy expanded the group of awards granted to this production. Although it shows the most famous dramas taking place in the ranks of the royal family, it seems that the greatest of them is being played out right before our eyes. The loud interview of Meghan and Harry also got an Emmy nomination.

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Although the couple did not honor their TV counterpart Oscars with their presence, this does not mean that the prince and his wife were not mentioned at the event. During the inaugural monologue, comedian Cedric the Entertainer made fun of the media conflict between the royal family and Meghan and Harry, referring to the spicy details that we could see on “The Crown”:

The series “The Crown” pales in comparison to the true monarchy. Take a look at Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Megan. It was there that the real secrets were revealed! Cedric Antonio Kyles began.

The man meant, of course, the accusations of racism in the ranks of the royal family. Meghan and Harry were honest in the interview and admitted that before giving birth, people wondered what color their son Archie would be. Cedric compared the situation of Prince Harry to the events of “The Prince of New York” and mockingly stated that Harry resigned his princely function sooner than Eddie Murphy in the film. He added that the royals needed Archie in their ranks, if only so that he could teach Queen Elizabeth the dances on TikTok.

They need little Archie! Karol can’t dance, who else will teach them how to move on TikTok? Imagine this, Archie with the queen, he says to her, “Come on, Granny,” Cedric thought aloud as he made his dancing moves.

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The image of the comedian apparently amused the crowd, who responded enthusiastically to the man’s speech. Unfortunately, there are no signs that Meghan and Harry’s relations with the rest of the royal family will improve quickly.

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