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from Giacomo Valtolina

After 11 years of construction, the new Eni headquarters commissioned by Enrico Mattei is almost ready. The numbers tell the size: 65 thousand square meters, 40 thousand of facades, 12 thousand of internal square, 8 thousand of photovoltaic park for 300 thousand kW / h and the iconic bridge between the buildings of 85 meters

The color of the facades illuminated by the sun replicates the effect of petrol in the puddles on the asphalt: iridescent, coppery, almost bronze colors, on a dark background, reminiscent of matter that becomes energy. A metaphor for the excavation and extraction activity of the group in the intentions of the designers, the Sixth palace of Metanopoli, the Eni city-village (or garden) built by Enrico Mattei in the 1950s countryside along the Via Emilia. Here managers, employees and workers shared the dream ante-litteram of the City of 15 minutes, modeled on the Olivetti di Ivrea model or the Crespi d’Adda jewel, with laboratories, offices, houses, shops, auto parts, motels, sports centers and so on, including the maxi-service station between the avenue and Supercortemaggiore square. On the border of Milan, where today the statue of Gandhi – just smeared with the inscription rapist (rapist, ed) – observe the construction sites, the heart of the Citadel wedged between the road and railway junctions which in turn frame the Rogoredo drug fort and the shop in the grove, in an ambitious urban development, both alive inside and separate – metr apart – from the rest of the capital.

Seven years after the planned inauguration (for the Expo) – and 11 after the international design competition, a challenge between titans of architecture -, the sixth building site (the order of the Snam, Agip and Eni buildings, here, chronological) is finally sent to San Donato. A 65 thousand square meter monster glided in San Donato without losing its daring character over the years and lively designed by the pencils of the Morphosis (Prizker Prize 2005 Thom Mayne Prize) and Nemesi (Michele Mol and Susanna Tradati) architects. Professionals who in 2011 had defeated in the design call of Eni archistars of the caliber of Isozaki, Bellini, Meier and Perrault, called to maintain a strong design imprint of the ideal city, in the wake of Nizzoli and Olivieri (for the First Snam building), Bacigalupo and Ratti (for the second and fourth), Gabetti-Isola (for the fifth), up to the Affari and San Francesco extensions, designed by Kenzo Tange at the end of the 90s. Working in Metanopoli in dialogue with the designers of the past – Tradati explains, pointing to the architecture – he confirmed the visionary character of Metanopoli: the sharing model that we too often try to import from abroad is already rooted here, often even more than many new neighborhoods, and here the reference to nearby Santa Giulia.

Works in conclusion this year, inauguration the next, after the last definition of the operation, which over time became a sale for Eni, with a twenty-year lease and the accumulated delays due precisely to the quantification of the amount of the works by Webuild (formerly Salini) in the ownership structure orchestrated by the Dea Capital fund. Three towers – Icon, Landmark and Skygarden, 45, 31 and 38 meters – make up a horizontal system of full and empty spaces with air bridges and latches to create a village for 4,600 workers, the future Exploration & production management center of the group, with much of the building at the entrance kept in historical memory of the company and context. an unconventional interpretation of the offices, with a great architecture-landscape that expresses the metamorphosis of matter into energy, dialoguing with the stratigraphy of the landscape, explains the architect Michele Mol.

The project will be presented today at 5 pm in via San Maurilio 21, the headquarters of Assimpredil Ance. And the numbers tell the size of it: 65 thousand square meters, 40 thousand of facades, 12 thousand of internal square, 8 thousand of photovoltaic park for 300 thousand kW / h and the iconic bridge between buildings of 85 meters, all industrial references and transparencies.

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