The shadow of nuclear war, the restraint from the Russian military leaders: “It must never be fought: we are not interested in a confrontation with NATO”

“A nuclear war must never be fought because there can be no winners.” To affirm it is Alexander Venediktovdeputy secretary of the Russian National Security Council, in a conference on the sixtieth anniversary of the missile crisis in Cuba. “A clash with the US and NATO is not in our interests,” echoes the deputy foreign minister. Serghei Ryabkovin a video message at the same event, after accusing – reports the Tax – the United States and Great Britain to “Push Kiev to create hostility on Russian territory”. The danger of a nuclear war by Flyseems for the moment averted, despite the warning issued by Vladimir Putin in his speech to the nation that the Russia it will use “all the means at its disposal” to defend itself against a West that wants to “destroy it” and despite the Russian doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons it is explained that the nuclear option can be used in the event of attacks on the territory of the Federation. The Russian president’s nuclear threat – this is nothing new, it has been part of his rhetoric since the war began, although he has explicitly stated that “he is not bluffing.” According to the calculations of the Federation of American Scientist there are about six thousand tactical and strategic nuclear weapons available to Putin. A greater number than other countries in the world and NATO reserves. But while 1,588 result mounted on launching bases from the ground, approx 1,500instead, they should be dismantled. Russia and the United States alone count the 93% of the total of nuclear warheads in their arsenals.

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