The Simpsons for Ukraine, messages of solidarity for Kiev from the entertainment world

Matt Groening creator of The Simpsons is just one among many who have expressed messages of solidarity towards the people of Kiev. While Sean Penn is in Ukraine to shoot a documentary on the Russian invasion, the voices of many from Stephen King to Angelina Jolie arrive from Hollywood.

THE Simpson for Kiev. In the last few hours, a drawing signed by Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie with the Ukrainian flag yellow and blue send a message of solidarity to the people of Kiev under the Russian attack. A few hours earlier, the showrunner of the series Al Jean had commented with regret on a clip shot on social media, taken from a 1998 episode in which he was ironic that the Soviet Union had never really dissolved. Jean has promised that the Simpsons will return to talk about how the world chessboard has evolved in the meantime.

The artists express solidarity with Kiev

On the Italian level, there are many artists who in the last few hours have expressed even just a message of solidarity for the Ukrainian people. From music for example, Alessandra Amoroso he dedicated the verses of ‘After the rain’ by Gianni Rodari. “I wonder if someone instead of studying history at school was at home playing Risk. But life is not a game and we can no longer tolerate this world that teaches nothing but hate. What we will explain today to all the children when they come back from school and see these pictures? “, writes on Twitter Laura Pausini. While Gianni Morandi becomes the protagonist of the Bolognese demonstration against the war, Simona Ventura he replies on social media: “I can’t forget Putin’s chilling words.”

Jean Penn in Kiev for a documentary on the Russian invasion

Outside our borders, on the other hand, it stands out from the cinema Sean Penn that, as Variety magazine says, is in Kiev to shoot a documentary on the ongoing Russian invasion. In addition to Variety, the project is produced by Vice World News and Endeavor Content. The Zelenskiy Presidency also released an official statement praising the director’s social commitment. He has shown a courage that many others lack, including some Western politicians ”. The reaction from Hollywood was not long in coming. Stephen King summed up the situation with the metaphor of bullies in the park, Annie Lennox spoke of madness and brutality, Angelina Jolie he appealed to humanitarian associations.

“You were a beautiful soul”, the memory of Rossano Rubicondi from the world of entertainment

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