The situation at the border. A state of high alert in the police. Which means?

On Monday morning, the media published information about a large group of migrants planning to cross the Belarusian border with Poland. Migrants are located in the vicinity of Kuźnica. The Ministry of National Defense informed in the afternoon that the Ministry of Interior and Administration and soldiers had managed to stop the first mass attempt to cross the border. Currently, migrants have set up a camp in the Kuźnica region. They are guarded by the Belarusian services.

As Onet found out, additional police forces were brought to the borders already in the previous night. In the morning there were over a thousand riot officers from all over the country. The protection of the border was attended by, inter alia, policemen from Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Łódź and Białystok. Now additional forces are being drawn there. Ultimately, the border is to be guarded by about two thousand policemen.

– The police, unlike other uniformed services, have experience in dispersing crowds and repelling attacks at the time of collective disturbance of order, which is why our formation now rests the main burden of repelling this attack. However, there must be a rotation there, because no human is able to withstand standing in such conditions for 10 hours. – explains our informant.

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A spokesman for the Podlasie police confirmed in an interview with Onet on Monday that reinforcements from all over the country were sent to the Polish-Belarusian border during the weekend. They are mainly policemen of riot police from other garrisons in each of the Polish provinces.

The tense situation on the border with Belarus. Police mobilization

– The information provided by Internet users that a cavalcade of police cars is passing through the border zone was true – said Deputy Inspector Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlasie Police, in an interview with Onet. – They are mainly officers of prevention departments from all over Poland. They are equipped with riot control equipment, he added.

Onet’s information obtained on Tuesday shows that road traffic policemen are cyclically sent to the east, not only from the Provincial Headquarters, but also from poviats.

Interestingly, another group of policemen is already getting ready to leave, but not towards the Polish-Belarusian border, but to Warsaw. They are to secure this year’s Independence March, which, despite the lack of official consent, is to pass through the streets of Warsaw anyway.

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