The snooker legend roars after losing to an amateur. “It is unfair”

Shaun Murphy unexpectedly ended his start in the open championship of Great Britain in the first round. The Englishman lost to an amateur from China, Si Jiahu 5: 6 after a fierce duel, although at one point it seemed that Murphy’s defeat would be even higher, because his rival was already leading 5-1.

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Shaun Murphy thundered after a sensational defeat. “This young man should not be in this tournament”

After a sensational defeat, the English snooker vented his frustration. On the BBC, he gave a surprising interview in which he stated that amateurs should not be admitted to professional tournaments. – I will sound like a grumpy old man, but this young man should not participate in this tournament. I have a very hard time losing to someone who shouldn’t even be in this building. This is unfair and not fair. I don’t know why we let amateurs compete in professional tournaments. This is our livelihood. This is our life. We don’t play as a team, ‘the Englishman thundered.

And he added: – He played like someone who doesn’t care about the world. I’m not picking on him as a young man, he deserved a victory. Ever since I became a pro at the age of 15, I have the right to be called a professional snooker player. He didn’t. He shouldn’t be at the table.

World Snooker statement following Murphy’s comment. “Amateurs play the same rules as professionals”

Murphy’s opinion aroused mixed feelings. The World Snooker organization disagreed with the Englishman and issued a statement on this matter. “Si Jiahui is ranked in this season’s ranked tournaments as one of the top players in the Q-School 2021 rankings. While he may be an amateur, he deserves his place in this competition given his results. Amateurs play on the same terms, what pros can earn cash prizes and World Snooker Tour seats based on performance, “she wrote in a statement.

“Many elite amateur players such as Si Jiahui train and compete under pressure without any guarantees and full-time in the hope of guaranteeing a place in tournaments. Providing the best amateurs to perform is important to our growth as a sport. We have come a long way. over the past decade and in part this has been due to the structures we have built both at professional and grassroots levels around the world. For the best young players, being able to compete on the big stage is a key element in their growth and development of the sport as a whole. We respect Shaun’s views, but in this case, we strongly disagree with it, “we read later in the release.

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Two snookers support Murhpy. “Some amateurs do not feel any pressure at their matches”

However, two other professional snookers, reigning world champion Englishman Mark Selby and former Welshman Mark Williams, sided with Murphy. – I think a lot of players agree with him. He said the words after losing and people probably think it is disrespectful if he won they wouldn’t say so, but I fully support him, admitted Mark Selby.

The world champion was echoed by Mark Williams, who announced that the current system of snooker tournaments, in which there is room for 122 professional players and six amateurs, due to the coronavirus pandemic, is not a good solution. – I’ve been saying this for years. There are 128 riders in the tour and we will never get 128 places. In my opinion, this number should be reduced. I think if you can make it into the major competition, you should be guaranteed to stay there. Some amateurs do not feel pressured in their matches and can make sensations such as Jiahui against Murphy, concluded Williams, who has been a world champion three times in the past.

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Shaun Murphy is the current 2021 world runner-up. He has won many titles during his career. In 2005 he was the world champion, and in 2009 and 2015 he won the vice-champion titles. He was ranked third in his career and is currently in the high sixth position of the best snooker in the world. He has been playing professionally since 1997. In total, he has won nine ranking tournaments so far.

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