The stars who starred in the show

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Some appeared on the screen for a few minutes, others left their mark on the production. Guest appearances in “Sex and the City” include Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper and Jon Bon Jovi.

Matthew McConaughey, season three

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McConaughey plays himself in the episode. Carrie travels to Los Angeles to find an actor to play the role of Mr. Big in a movie that would be based on the weekly Bradshaw column.

Bradley Cooper, Season Two

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Jack and Carrie are kissing in a bar, and a moment later he spots her on the cover of New York Magazine with the slogan “Single & Fabulous?”

Elizabeth Banks, third season

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The actress plays the role of Catherine who invites Charlotte to a swingers party.

Geri Halliwell, season six

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The Spice Girls member plays Phoebe, Samantha’s friend, who informs her about the long wait to be a member of Soho House. Jones decides to grab his pass and sneak in unnoticed.

Heidi Klum, season four

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Carrie meets supermodel Heidi Klum at a fashion show in the series four. In the same episode, Bradshaw collapses on the runway, then gets up and continues with his head held high.

Justin Theroux, first and second seasons

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The actor portrayed two different characters. He is first seen on the screen in the seventh episode of the first season as Jared – one of Carrie’s objects of sigh, the second time he plays a hero named Vaughn.

Alanis Morissette, season three

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The singer appeared in the third season of the series as Dawn. She is the one that Carrie kisses while playing bottle-with Mark.

David Duchovny, season six

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The actor, known from “Californication”, played high school boy Carrie. When he wants to make her fall in love with him again, she quickly discovers that the man is struggling with mental problems.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, season three

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He plays the role of junior executive director Debbie, who wants to create a movie based on Carrie’s weekly column.

Lucy Liu, season four

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Lucy Liu played herself, Samantha’s potential client. When the other shows a lack of professionalism, Liu quits the cooperation.

Jon Bon Jovi, second season

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After meeting Seth at the therapist’s office, Carrie arranges dinner with him. That same evening, the couple end up in bed, and the man confesses that he loses interest in women after sleeping with them.

Vince Vaughn, season three

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Vaughn portrayed Keith Travers, who had tricked Carrie into representing Matt Damon before being revealed to be merely his personal assistant.

Jennifer Coolidge, season six

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She plays Vanessa, the party planner with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

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