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The head of the pharmaceutical giant is not well and the daughter has tried to assert the interests of the entrepreneur in the legal seat

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The state of health of Francesco Angelini, the head of the pharmaceutical giant that produces Tachipirina among other things, worries his daughter Maria Gioella who asked the Court of Velletri to entrust her father with a support administrator to protect her economic and financial interests. The woman, who in the past accused her half-sister Thea of ​​circumvention of incapacity, would have asked the judges to recognize her father as “incapable to understand and want “ and therefore not being able to manage their own affairs.

The judgment of the Court

In the last period, the health conditions of Francesco Angelini, 77, would have worsened, which is why his daughter Maria Gioella gave the off to the process to try to safeguard the interests of the father. On September 30, 2022, the Court of Velletri, as underlined by a press release from the Angelini Industries Group, completely rejected the request for interdiction for Francesco Angelini presented by his daughter.

The recent pronouncement in the civil court, the note reads, follows the one in the criminal court that last year sanctioned the groundlessness of the accusations with a decree of definitive dismissal and, therefore, the capacity to understand and will and to self-determine of Francis Angelini.

Francesco Angelini

Francesco Angelini, head of the homonymous company

How is Francesco Angelini

Angelini has been suffering from one for years very severe neurocognitive disease caused by a long history of alcohol dependence and his history of pharmacophilia. His physique, he reports The messengerhas in fact suffered psychic and physical damage that is now irreversible.

The clash in the family for the colossus

At the basis of the sentence there is, as mentioned, the pressure of the second child Maria Jewel who since 2020 has been fighting for the recognition of the limitations of the father. In the background, however, there is a real family feud for the control of the company, with the woman who in 2019 reported her half-sister to the Guardia di Finanza Thea and your husband Sergio Marullo for circumvention of incapable, and their takeover for the control of the industrial group.

According to the accusations, in fact, the two would have used the opportunity to be able to hold over 50% of the shares of the pharmaceutical giant. The investigations, which had also revealed an anomalous picture of a sale of 100% of the shares for “family pact” to Thea when Angelini seemed dying in 2017, however, ended with the acquittal because the interdiction procedure had not established the habitual mental illness and particularly serious pathologies of Francesco Angelini.


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