the sting of increases and the sting of call centers that make you change manager

In this period we always talk about electricity and gas bills.

In fact the very high inflation continues to increase the terrible bills of Italians. If the gas is falling slightly in price at the gas station, the prices of electricity and gas continue to rise and for many Italian families is really a problem.


In fact, families find it difficult to cope with the increasingly heavy costs of electricity and gas e despite the bonuses put in place by the state, many of them are in great difficulty.

The sting of call centers: increasingly dangerous

But in addition to the large increases imposed by inflation and the war in Ukraine, there are also call center scams that make unsuspecting Italians change electricity and gas operators.


In fact, many Italians without realizing it are changing gas light operators. Let’s try to understand how these call centers operate. Call centers call Italian consumers claiming that there are offers designed just for them. There would be nothing wrong with that in theory, but the problem is that call centers pass themselves off as officials of the electricity and gas manager of which the citizen is already a customer.

They make you change managers without your knowledge

So the citizen is convinced that he is talking to officials of his electricity and gas operator who are simply offering him a slightly cheaper rate. But there are also variations because sometimes call centers argue that there is a need for compliance with legislative legislation or that there is a need to move to the free market as required by law or something like that. Basically the consumer he is always convinced that he is talking to the manager he already is customer and who is simply putting in place a small bureaucratic change to his user that will benefit him by making him get a small savings.

How to defend yourself from electricity and gas call centers

This of course is completely false. In fact, it is precisely the telephone recordings that make the call centers united the consent given in good faith by the electricity and gas user to make him change manager and to bring it to a new scam manager who will then clearly practice higher figures. So when receiving these phone calls it is always very important do not trust and hang up immediately. These are call centers that hunt customers for different companies and therefore have the sole purpose of snatching the user from the company of which he is already a customer.

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