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And here in this photo is one of the children I saw growing up and who were closer in age to my sister Marina. Tonino Saurino. A blow to the heart to see him with the net in his hand and on the most modern fishing boat. He was the son of that woman I loved so much, Franca the Calabrian, a woman of yesteryear completely dedicated to her children and family. Many children of which the eldest of women Carmelina at school with Patrizia and I learned that she died years ago, Vincenzo who played with me and Massimo, Pasquale and Tonino with Patrizia and Marina, then there was the little one from the house Maria Rosaria, and another woman. In all they were six children if I remember correctly. Tonino married the beautiful Annarella (by Federico) and has four children, two of whom are footballers, Ciro and Gianluca, as it should be for us on the beach of San Pietro.

Photo Gianni Mattera

All the families in the area have at least one son who is passionate about football because they played lots of matches on the beach. Dear Tonino, I was happy to see this photo and I remember you with much affection. You were raised by Girone and Franca and you were lucky like all of us, because those parents were special and lived for us without any entertainment for them. Say hello to everyone at home and continue to love the sea that welcomed us as little children who fearlessly dived and swam as early as four years old and that almost modeled us as if we were plasticine. I love you…

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