The style of Cancer (the stars say it, and the stars say it)

How does the Cancer sign, and in particular, the stars of this sign? The taste in fashion is one of the most curious personal attitudes in a person’s identity, starting – obviously – from celebrities. Tendencies, the fashion ones, which are often linked to “influences” as distant as they are fascinating, coming… from the planets. Those who are passionate about astrology know it: often the zodiac signs say a lot not only about the character – in a tendential way – of the reference person, but also about his approach to style. Between 21 and 22 June, depending on the so-called ephemeris, the Sun officially enters the sign of Cancer, fourth sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the element of Water and the Moon, symbol of emotions and femininity.

In fact, people born under this sign usually have a sense of romantic style or, if minimalist, with an ethereal touch: an excellent representative of the first example is undoubtedly the Princess Dianawhile for the second we can not help but think of the actress Liv Tyler. However, the deeper – and darker – side of sensitivity can also manifest itself through a darker aesthetic, as the style of Eva Green.

Lady Diana in Donald Campbell in Auckland, New Zealand in 1983. Getty Images

Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

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