The subject of building a Food Holding returns. The deputy minister took the floor

On TVP1, Kowalczyk was asked, inter alia, whether a universal insurance system can be introduced in 2022. The minister of agriculture explained that it would be built, but made a reservation that “probably one hundred percent in the first year it will not be possible to do itbecause farmers have to convince themselves of it. “

As he emphasized, “we have the means to insure virtually all crops and animals.” “It will depend on the will of farmers whether they want to insure themselves. I would also encourage them to take comprehensive insurance, not just one risk,” added Kowalczyk.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture also indicated that The plans for 2022 include the implementation of the plans set out in the Polish Lada for agriculture. “It is an agricultural retirement pension without the need to transfer the farm” – he stressed. As he explained, “we are already preparing a project that provides for retirement without the need to transfer the farm and stop working on the farm”. “I hope that it will enter into force sometime in the middle of the year, and the law will be adopted much earlier,” he added.

Kowalczyk also pointed out that the plans also include support for agricultural markets, including support for pork, so that after a period of bad economic conditions on this market, farmers can recover this production – We will try to ensure profitability in agriculture – he assured.

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