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Love each other, get lost, find each other. The love of David, architect-engineer, and Georgia, gallery owner, ended after five idyllic years of marriage and the birth of Lily, now of marriageable age. It was a sudden cut. Not even the two (ex) lovers are able to give an explanation to the noisy crash. Years of legal battles followed and a hot soup of accusations, poisonous ironies, divisions of assets. Given these premises, it is clear that Ticket to Paradise has only one chance to work: that to pilot the Hollywood format Tempi Belli, from It happened one night to Scandal in Philadelphiaare two stars with stamp and sealing wax, in full harmony like Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert or Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.
The samples of the romantic touch I am George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Perfect in the counterpoint of the kisses & spites game, they take the entire film on their shoulders with magnificent lightness that otherwise would be fine at best for a quote on the notice board of the tourist board. Georgia and David, therefore, are no longer together. Every time they meet they never miss an opportunity to sing them. In fact, they only feel to talk about Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and remember the miserably burned-out dream house on the lake (Como?).
The trouble they are made for each other. The bond, it soon becomes clear, is just rusty. She lives in Los Angeles, he in Chicago. They come face to face for Lily’s law degree, poised for a great career but first headed to Bali for an award vacation with her best friend. Usual things: lhe finds paradise on earth between beaches and shells and the love of Gede (Maxime Bouttier), a wealthy algae farmer with a large family and very close to the traditions of the island. The wedding between the two is decided. The only thing missing is the blessing of David and Georgia who return to cement themselves on the improbable enterprise of dissuade Lily even by making the wedding rings disappear. The steward also wants to put his finger between (ex) wife and (ex) husband who has a crush on Georgia and would like to take her to the altar but ends up in the hospital for a snake bite.
The goal, for everyone, is to catch happiness, the fleeting moment. The vintage couple, between dips and tequila, rediscover flashes of youth and the utopias of the golden years. The futuristic couple unites around a life project that resembles an illustrated postcard, with the Oedipus complex acting as guarantor. War of the sexes e Carpe Diembut with judgment. The pace of Clooney and Roberts covers the fuss between Dever and Bouttier. Ol Parker, director of Mamma Mia! Here we go again, makes the stars run at full speed. The result is a very puny comedy 1) on the heart that beats even at sixty, 2) on the unexpected of love illuminated by sunsets and ethnic festoons, 3) on the renunciation of obsessions and frenzied rhythms in the name of an enviable eco-lifestyle. Clooney – Roberts, good enough to hide under two dazzling smiles uncertainties, tricks and sweets out of time.

(Usa, 2022, duration 98 ‘)
with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Billie Lourd, Lucas Bravo, Kaitlyn Dever
Rating: *** out of 5
In the halls

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