The tragedy in La Manche. Five carriers suspected of smuggling migrants were detained

The Darman also provided information about the ongoing investigation into a sunken boat with migrants trying to cross the English Channel to Great Britain. – One of the migrant smugglers had a car with German license plates, and the boat that sank with the migrants was bought in Germany – said the minister at the RTL station.

These 27 deaths are an absolute tragedy but I want to say that since January, thanks to the police, gendarmes and maritime services, we have saved 7,800 people in the English Channel, said the head of Darman.

– Since January 1, we have arrested 1,500 smugglers. This is a titanic job (…) We must realize that we are talking about international networks very similar to terrorists, who use encrypted telephones, “explained Darman, who called on the UK to” tighten its migration system “.


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