The true story of the gold teeth found in a torture chamber in Ukraine (they were stolen from a dentist)

In a torture chamber of the Russian occupiers a Pesky-Radkovskiin the region of Kharkivfreed by Ukrainian troops, a plastic tray full of gold teeth was found. Initially, it was assumed that they had been snatched from the prisoners who had been locked up there. There are several objects that have been found, such as electric wires, laces and a sheet with the record of the interrogation of a Ukrainian prisoner. The news is reported by the newspaper Bildwhich he later refers to as a dentist local has claimed ownership. “The teeth appear to have been stolen from my office, the russians robbed my house. These are the teeth of the people I have treated all these years, ”said dentist Sergey.

Sergey’s story

BILD \ Teeth of orro found in Pesky-Radkovski, Kharkiv, October 2022

“The residents told me the Russians were scaring us people,” he said, adding that he would be the only dentist there. Local institutions and newspapers had spoken of teeth taken by Ukrainians as proof of torture because they were actually used to scare citizens.

Because the Russians stole the teeth

According to Sergey’s account, the Russians would have stolen teeth because they thought they were real goldwhen in fact they would be stainless steel, and why they wanted to intimidate Ukrainian prisoners. Therefore, he denied the hypothesis that the teeth came from dead or tortured people: «They are from people I have treated over the years. I took out those teeth because they were bad. In 30 years I have removed tens of thousands of teeth, this is only a small part. Sometimes I shoot five to eight teeth a day, and this has been my job for 33 years ». However, as they relate both Bild that Obozrevatel who followed the story, there is no doubt that brutal torture was practiced in the village in question, as well as in other places occupied by the Russians, and that when Putin’s army entered Pesky-Radkovski it chased people from their homes. In one of these they then set up a torture chamber in which people were intimidated and mistreated.

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