The truth about the exclusion of Zaniolo and Zaccagni from Italy comes out: Mancini’s hard punch

There would be disciplinary reasons behind Roberto Mancini’s failure to call Nicolò Zaniolo and Mattia Zaccagni for the two Nations League matches of Italy.

It aroused surprise the absence of Italy from the squad listfor the two Nations League matches against England and Hungary, both of Nicolò Zaniolo that of Mattia Zaccagni. It’s not that Mancini right now you enjoy such a great choice in the offensive department and yet the blue coach not only did not include the two players of Rome and Lazio in the first list released by the FIGC, but he did not even consider it appropriate to think of them when he had to take note of the forfeit di Politano, even replaced with Gabbiadiniwhich was missing in the national team from 13 November 2017, or the unfortunate date of the 0-0 at San Siro against Sweden that made us out of the Russian World Cup.

Gabbiadini this year is a fixed bench in Sampdoria, but also scrolling the others called up to the attack item – the various Chancellors (Zaccagni reserve to Lazio), Gnonto (that Leeds sent to play with the Under 21 team), Zerbin (97 minutes played with Napoli in the season) e Grifo – we remain a bit disconcerted by the absences of the two pillars of the Capitoline teams, even considering that lately they were not at their best from the point of view of physical conditions (and yet they both played in the last round of the championship).

Roberto Mancini in Coverciano with his Italy: both Zaniolo and Zaccagni absent

Roberto Mancini in Coverciano with his Italy: both Zaniolo and Zaccagni absent

The feeling that behind the exclusion of Zaniolo and Zaccagni from Italy there is morewhich has nothing to do with either technical or tactical considerations, is corroborated by what Repubblica writes, explaining that “nobody says it, but everyone in Coverciano really knows it“. There would be a disciplinary reason at the basis of the failure of the two to call, due to events that concern them distinct from each other (the intertwining of their private lives in this case has nothing to do with it) and which nevertheless originated for both of their call-up in blue last May, on the eve of the Grand Final with Argentina and the first four Nations League matches.

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On that occasion, both Zaniolo and Zaccagni, who presented themselves in Coverciano to answer the call, then left the national team to go on vacation due to physical problems. The Romanista had a microfracture in his ankle certified by instrumental tests, but then he was called by the Italian coordinator Oriali when the federal prosecutor opened an investigation into his account for what happened during the celebrations for the victory of the Conference League, on charges of “holding a microphone and singing loudly, towards the cheering fans, a chorus with an insulting and offensive content towards the company SS Lazio SpA such as: Lazio Lazio vaffa ****“.

In short, in that case Mancini’s ‘code of ethics’ would have been triggered. Same blow to Zaccagni, who together with the other Lazio Lazzari had told the coach that he had a physical problem that prevented them from staying in Coverciano. However, the Italian doctor had explained, after having examined them, that both would have had time to recover to play the last games of the June cycle, but the two told Mancini that they didn’t feel like it. An attitude taken badly by the technician from Jesi, who now presented the bill to both of them, excluded from the national team in this round. Unless the ‘excommunication’ is final, but this should not be the case, given the need for talent that this Italy has in the offensive sector.

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