The truth is, he doesn’t like you enough ending explained

The Truth Is He Doesn’t Like You Enough is a drama and romantic comedy Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper.

Let’s find out how it ends The truth is that he doesn’t like you enough, which tells four love stories, including broken hearts, betrayals, dreams and rebirths. Directed by Ken Kwapis, it is the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, screenwriters of Sex and the City. In writing this screenplay they freely took their inspiration from the episode of the sixth season entitled Silence is Golden.

The truth is, he doesn’t quite like how it ends

Four love stories find space in the intertwined story of Ken Kwapis’ film. Space for Gigi, Conor, Alex, Janine, Ben, Anna, Mary, Beth and Neil. Below you will find the summaries of their love stories, happy or shipwrecked.

Gigi, Conor and Alex

Gigi is a decidedly unlucky girl in love. She can’t interpret the signals and is sure that if a man treats you badly, she has an interest. She one night she goes out with Conor and it is yet another failed date. She knows Alex, the owner of the bar where she saw the other, with whom she is also a friend.

Try to explain to her how to understand men. The basic rule is that if a guy is interested, he makes his move without waiting long. Eventually she becomes convinced that Alex has an interest, so he is helping her. When she tries with him, however, she is rejected. He explains that she didn’t understand anything about her lessons. He never did anything to get her, so he wasn’t interested in her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to change. She prefers to try indefinitely instead of being alone like him for fear of being rejected. He realizes that he has feelings for Gigi and goes to win her over.

Janine, Ben and Anna

Janine is a colleague of Gigi. Very stressed about the work in the new house. She is married to Ben, who suddenly finds himself faced with an ultimatum: marriage or breakup. He meets an aspiring singer at the supermarket, Anna. The young woman is handsome and the spark goes off. He tries to remain faithful and, after offering her help in the world of music, they agree to remain friends. But things don’t work out.

The attraction is undeniable and soon the two end up in bed together. He confesses everything to Janine, who had noticed strange attitudes upon seeing a pack of cigarettes in her clothes. She tries to mend the deep wound but Ben falls back on it. After leaving, here are the hidden cigarettes again. Janine has no more doubts. She leaves behind the guilt for having “forced” him into marriage and asks for a divorce, starting a new life.

Conor, Anna and Mary

Anna and Conor are in a friendly relationship, even if they end up in bed together from time to time. When she gets close to Ben, she stops considering Conor, who would want her for himself in a serious relationship. After her relationship with the married man ends, she agrees to give her friend a chance. But they soon realize they don’t really want to be together and decide to just go back as friends.

Mary, Anna’s friend, has always been unlucky in love. She mostly uses the internet to find love. She helps Conor promote his house sales by hearing him over the phone. After meeting him by chance, recognizing him from a photo, she decides to take the first step and call him, so that she can see each other in person. The two fall in love and are happy together.

Beth and Neil

Beth is a colleague of Gigi and Janine. She lives with her fiancé Neil, who has no plans to get married. She places him before an ultimatum and he, refusing the wedding, is left. She talks to Ben and explains how he doesn’t want any other women. He loves nothing but Beth.

She goes to her sister’s wedding and is sad to see them all married. Suddenly her father has a heart attack. She survives but has to stay in bed for a while. Beth takes care of him and her house, while the sisters do nothing and the husbands are glued to the TV. Stress almost drives her to a nervous breakdown when she suddenly sees Neil doing cleaning, grocery shopping, and various errands. She makes it clear that she knew what had happened and she wanted to help out. Beth hugs him, delighted in his presence.

She understood that he is more of a husband than many others, even without a ring. She accepts his wish not to marry and she promises him that she is no longer interested in the wedding. At that point he surprises her by making her the proposal. Beth accepts and the two get married on his boat.

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