The turning health-conscious Lady Gaga: I stopped smoking and I would like to close with alcohol

After the quarantine Lady Gaga he wanted to put in place a real turn healthy: the pop star stopped from one day to the other smokingand now are also thinking about to say completely goodbye toalcohol.

The singer has spoken in an interview to theApple’s Music Show Zane Lowe, where he presented his new album Chromatica output the next 29th of May: “I stopped smoking and I have entertained the idea of doing the same with alcohol. When we finished recording, I stopped a bang. It was the strangest thing and the most beautiful that could happen, as if this music had really healed“.

Now the next step of your path to health may be related to the consumption of alcohol: “I flirted with the idea of becoming sober for the whole album, but they are still. Now I can pick on myself every day why I continue to drink, or just be happy to be still alive and continue to move forward and feel quite well. They are pretty good… They are perfectly imperfect“.

From his words, the Germanotta seems to have found finally the peace after a stormy past in which, in addition to the bullying and sexual violence, has also faced issues of self-harm: “I told her that I cut myself deliberately, and that I had trends masochiste that were not healthy. But I think I’ve forgiven him for all the ways in which I have punished in the past. I believed I didn’t deserve nice things and happiness, but these behaviors are not effective and in fact make you only feel worse, so I’m forgiven, because I decided that I was human and this made me feel better“.

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