The Twins: “we Dream to dress up Julia Roberts and Melania Trump”. The interview

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A character from the world of entertainment that would like to dress to The Twins?

“I have to say that there are so many. As for me, I say Julia Roberts”, says Sara Head to the microphones of Techcrunch.en. And her twin sister, Tania, tells the story: “I think a character even a little… rock, but may have a noble soul. It could be Angelina Jolie”. Then he adds: “Come to think of it I’d like to dress Melania Trump. Because the First Lady is a great representative of the style and I must say it wears very well everything that puts. A suit brought by Melania would be a nice shot”.

The point in common to dress the woman of today?

“It is the community. The fact of creating of the clothes, in addition to being comfortable, beautiful and sexy, are easily wearable”, highlights of Tania Head. “Our differences lead us to find a common denominator that is the beauty, the elegance. Don’t overdo it. And, above all, feeling really very comfortable”, “Sara explains.

And THEN… WATCH THE VIDEO HERE ABOVE WITH The INTERVIEW with THE TWINS IN THE COURSE OF THE EVENT, “NEW ONLINE STORE”. Bianca Atzei was the special guest. In addition to the singer, many of the vips present: Federica Panicucci to Elenoire Casalegno, through Michela Coppa, the Donatella, Elena Guarnieri, Andrea Pucci, Juliana Moreira, Paola Marella, Giulia Salemi, la Marchesa Daniela Aragon, Costanza Caracciolo and Federica Nargi.

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The Twins are launching the online shop: Beautiful and comfortable in a moment

Beautiful and comfortable. In just a moment. And’ the slogan of The Twins. A real statement of intent reflects the approach of The Twins for their creations, characterized by the absence of zip and strings because designed to maximize the fit, so as to allow every woman to feel comfortable and at ease, of course, the more beautiful and safe.

Not only twin: The fashion is the common ground for Sara and Tania Head who finished the studies, respectively in modern literature and political Science, have decided to develop your own career path, dedicating themselves completely to their passion, through so many important works and collaborations with companies and show rooms.

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Our capsule of dresses and jackets stems from a comparison daily because between twin all the exchange takes place in a natural and constantdeclare the sisters – We are similar but different and this makes us complementary, when we manage to transform the fabric on the dress that meets the taste of both, then we will have more possibilities to satisfy the needs of a greater number of women. This is what we like to convey with our clothes, what we do when we work and ask ourselves the tissues”.

Real time style – so the two designers like to define their work, deeply oriented by the selection of Italian fabrics, to the more natural and eco-friendly, following the natural flow of time and seasons, and the production in some of the laboratories of the Emilia Romagna region.

Still Real-time style: the trend of the seasons and the requirements of the customers are two essential factors in the choices that determine the collections, never predetermined but is always the result of the ability of listening to the real climatic conditions and of the continuous dialogue established with their fans.


Now, more than ever, Real-time style: at the same time the presentation of the new collection from the 18th of September it will be possible to purchase the garments in the online shop – letwins.en – and in the boutique destinations the most sought after in Italy and in Europe: Milan, Rome, Milano Marittima, monte carlo, Ibiza.

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