The Umbrella Academy 3 is Ben’s detail that you may not have noticed

The showrunner of the series and the actor Justin H. Min explain an inconsistency that only the most attentive fans have grasped: that’s what it is.

Between the second and third season of The Umbrella Academy fans had to wait almost two years. Yet the story of the new episodes, which arrived not many days ago up Netflix, picks up exactly where the last cycle of episodes left off, with the Hargreeves brothers of Umbrella Academy face to face with members of the Sparrow Academy. Managed to return from the 60s to their present, in 2019, the protagonists had found in their place in a new timeline this new Academy which, to their surprise, was also part of their deceased brother Ben, or rather a version of Well. Between a dance at the Footloose and a savage fight between rival academies, in the first episode there is a detail that will have gone unnoticed by many. Did you notice that the Ben we found in the new season premiere has something different from what we saw in the exact same scene in the second season finale?

The Umbrella Academy 3: Ben’s new look

The most observant will have realized that the third season Ben no longer sported him strange haircut with a long one asymmetrical bangs like the one seen in the season two finale (below we compare the two looks). How come? Just an oversight or something more? Ben’s interpreter, Justin H. Minand the showrunner of the series Steve Blackman they explained to TVLine all the background behind this inexplicable change of look. For the actor, give up on that toupee, it was a real liberation. “The bangs had done hers. We gave up on it because it kept falling out. It would have been a nightmare to keep shooting with that toupee on. So we changed things,” explained Min. The problem, the actor continued, also had to do with the changes he had made to his hairstyle during the pandemic lockdown: having shaved his head completely, that toupee no longer fitted well and was causing him a lot of discomfort.

The Umbrella Academy

Blackman also said he couldn’t stand the sight of that hair and therefore agreed to make a change which, according to him, the error of continuity between the episodes was worth it. “I know there should have been continuity, but I wanted to change that. And Justin wanted it too so we turned things upside down,” the showrunner explained. “It would have been really, really tough. Thank you, Steve Blackman, for making this important decision,” concluded Min.

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