The Unison Miracle: Integrated Intel PCs and iPhones like iPhones and Macs

Last year, in December, Intel acquired a small Israeli startup, Screenovate. This startup had managed to develop a technology that allowed deep integration between what are today’s portable devices and a computer. Screenovate promised to make easy, just one click, functions such as displaying the phone screen on the computer screen, using a smartphone as a controller or exchanging files, all in drag & drop and relying on wi-fi. bluetooth LE and cloud.

The work of that startup becomes Unison: Intel today removed the veils on the new suite that will allow notebooks with Evo platform to talk and integrate fully with iOS and Android smartphones.

Android is not surprising: already today Windows is able to connect to Android phones and there are dozens of applications that allow an Android smartphone to connect to a PC as iPhone and Mac do. Think for example of Samsung, excellent integration with Windows, or Huawei with its Super Device, Matebook and smartphone almost become one.

Unison brings all this to Android, proposing itself as an alternative to other solutions already on the market, but also to iOS, trying to rebuild the same agreement that exists today between iPhone and Mac thanks to Handoff, Continuity and iCloud. This is a great advantage, because while one chooses a smartphone based on personal preferences, often a computer is constrained to particular software needs and today there are thousands of companies that use the iPhone as a business smartphone and a Windows PC as a computer.

How does it work? After connecting the device, and it will be enough to do it only once, Unison in its current version will allow access to phone calls, messages, notifications and photos / files.

If a phone call comes in, it will be possible to answer directly from the computer using the earphones, and the same thing also applies to messages and notifications, which will be displayed with a series of popups on the screen and you can interact. The most interesting part is that linked to the management of files and images: it will be possible to transfer photographs and files directly from PC to smartphone, and vice versa, in drag & drop. You can use the photos in office documents, or presentations, with a simple gesture.

Unison is obviously a software suite, but it does take advantage of some capabilities and modules of Intel’s wireless processors. You don’t need a recent notebook, or rather, you don’t need to wait for the notebooks with Raptor Lake to be released: the suite will be available from the end of the year on some Intel Evo platforms with Alder Lake processor from Acer, HP and Lenovo. In the course of 2023 it will also arrive on the updated version of Evo powered by Raptor Lake mobile processors.

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