the villain of the film defined as “bad Superman” for the rumors, will it be the Sentry or Hyperion?

An interesting new rumor is online about Thunderbolts, the Marvel Studios film arriving in 2024, which could introduce Hyperion.

The July 26, 2024 will be released in cinemas Thunderboltsthe film dedicated to the group composed of anti-heroes and former super-villains of theMarvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios has hired the director Jake Schreier (Paper city, Kidding) to direct the film, which will be written by Eric Pearson. Kevin Feigealso announced that the team will also include characters fans haven’t seen yetand which will be introduced during the Stage 5 of themcu.

During the night, the well-known insider Daniel Richtman (the reference source for the sector) explained that castings are already underway for what is defined by a production document as “an evil and extremely powerful Superman“.

The logical choice is Hyperion (he’s the leader of the Squadron Supreme, which in the comics is the negative counterpart of DC’s Justice League), but at the same time many people argue that it may actually be Sentry.

Currently, the production is looking for a first-rate actor for this new antagonist, with Alexander Skarsgard And Ryan Gosling which could be the first choices.

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